Votre Vu - Lead
Credit: Courtesy; Time Inc. Digital Studios (2)

Every single time I add a new beauty product to my collection that is exeriencing seemingly exponential growth, I also feel a slight pang of guilt. Mostly because I know it means, my handbag will likely grow heavier still, I will have less space for food in my kitchen cabinets, and there might be more clutter on my counters. Alas, I have no self-control. Especially when it comes to hand cream and lip balm— two things I never want to be caught without. Seriously, that feeling when you're out for dinner or drinks and not a single person has lip balm? Blech. No thanks. Or when you wash your hands in a public restroom and then your hands feel all dried out. It's not fun. Sure there are plenty of things in this world that are worse. But these are things that we can preemptively tackle in a world where we may not have control over everything. Which is why I am obsessed with votre vu's two-in-one hand cream/lip balm. Read on to find out why it will not only save space in your handbag or on your bedside table, but also make youre hands and lips seriously thank you.

What It's Called:

Votre Vu Bébé Duette

How Much It Will Set You Back:

A bagel with schmere and lox ... or $14.50;

What Makes It Special:

Super yummy hand cream in the bottle, but an even more wonderful lip balm in the the cap. Two products, one package. You're handbag will thank you. Plus, there's UVA/UVB protection... which is pretty awesome. That's the cherry on top of sunflower, grapeseed and jojoba oils. And the lip balm? It lightly tastes of coconut which makes it almost as good as dessert.

Who’s It For?

Hands? Check. Lips? Check.

When to Use It:

This cream and the balm are both super indulgent, so it's going to take a lot of effort to try and NOT use it.

What It Feels Like:

Creamy and nourishing, but not overly emollient. No greasiness.

What It Smells Like:

Sweet, but not overly so.