Everything is not as it seems.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Apr 28, 2016 @ 7:00 am
Getty Images

We’ve seen a lot of surprising makeup tutorials over the years, but vlogger Amy Geliebter’s latest video might be the most poignant in terms of shedding light on what it’s like to battle depression.

Throughout the clip Geliebter flawlessly applies makeup, but this isn’t any old beauty lesson. The primer she preps her face with is referred to as “a thick coat of chemical imbalances” and highlights her brow with “I Was Depressed Once, Too, and Got Over It.” The tutorial essentially takes the viewer through what someone living with depression goes through every single day. Between the emotions that can’t “just go away” to the naysayers who can’t understand why you can’t simply snap out of it, the clip will hit home with those battling the mental illness.

The tutorial perfectly culminates with Geliebter applying a swipe of liquid lipstick in “Just Smile More,” perhaps the most unhelpful advice in the history of the universe.

Watch as she creatively shows the heart-wrenching challenges involved with being clinically depressed through makeup – proving cosmetics really are the universal language.