By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated May 18, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
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A recent thread on Reddit's r/MakeUpAddiction, posted by user turnmetoashes, posed the question, What's a "recent tip seen in a beauty video that has wowed you?"

While you always expect some run-of-the-mill advice, this particular thread was loaded with seriously impressive takeaways that can heighten anyone’s makeup game. We’re sharing the best ones from the thread here.

Use A Fan Brush For Mascara
“I just watched the Adele makeup tutorial on Lisa Eldridge's channel, and omg, that tip about the fan brush for the lower lash mascara.... I'm RUNNING to MAC tomorrow to get that brush,” writes the original poster. “My jaw was on the floor with that tip.”

You might have already seen that video, as it recently made the rounds on social media. It’s the one where Adele’s makeup artist — the one credited with helping to create her signature look — gives the how-to for said look.

The tip is to use a fan brush to apply your mascara on the lower lash lines. This process creates a liner-esque, thicker placement at the lash base and then separates for a wispy, fanned bottom lash.

Add Oil to Your Foundation
This sounds crazy, and we never would have done it on our own. Heck, we might have even questioned it if it came from a source other than Wayne Goss.

The tip, found in this video, is to add a drop of oil to your foundation or BB cream, mix the two together, and then apply to your face. He gives a variety of oil suggestions in the video and explains that adding the oil changes the texture of the makeup. The result is a light, natural finish and super hydrated skin.

“I especially find it looks good when you use cream contour / highlight / blush,” writes Dollymixx, who shared the tip. “Highly recommend you try it. I think I use more oil than he does in the video – about 2 drops per pump of foundation.”

Contour Your Inner and Outer Eye Socket
“Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary has this eye socket contouring trick where she contours the inner socket AND the outer socket, and brings the inner socket contour right down to the nose,” writes user idislikedittens. “It gives the face so much more depth.”

You can see the full how-to in this video. By the way, remember the Korean makeup vlogger who turned herself into Taylor Swift? Yep, that’s Pony!

Don’t Blend Your Foundation
We know what you’re thinking: Wha?? Hear us out. In this video, YouTube vlogger Karima McKimme says that you shouldn’t blend foundation where you have trouble areas, pigmented areas, or blemishes when blending out the rest of your foundation.

Instead, she suggests waiting for the makeup in those areas to set for longer. This provides more coverage in those trouble areas once you go back in and blend.

“I know a lot of drag queens do this and call it ‘cooking’ their foundation,” writes user Li5a. “The theory is that it sets to your body temp and becomes easier to blend and will offer a more seamless coverage. Totally works.”

Two Eye Shadows for a Complete Smoky Eye
Vlogger Emilynoel83 says you only need two eye shadows to complete any full look, including a seriously smoked out eye.

“All you need is one light shade and one dark shade,” writes thestephanieloves. “Apply the light shade in the inner corners and dark in the outer v, then blend the two together in the middle of the eyelid and in the crease to create a transition shade.”

The idea is that you use the two shadows mixed together to create a completely new shade that’s still complementary to your other two colors. We agree with thestephanieloves: GENIUS.