According to Shoppers in Their 40s, This Serum Makes Sunspots and Mouth Lines Disappear

Even “hard-to-erase” wrinkles vanish.

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According to Shoppers in Their 40s, This Serum Makes Sunspots and Mouth Lines Disappear
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When my cats are howling at me for not feeding them within the last twenty minutes, it can be difficult to know peace. My trick for maintaining sanity is to find a product with great reviews and submerge myself in shoppers' satisfaction, like a tiny mental retreat. Other people's joy doesn't get old, and thanks to Vitabrid C12's Dual Drop Serum, apparently, neither does their skin.

The serum has garnered over 2,000 five-star reviews at Nordstrom since launching last July, and even had a blip of sold-out status (it's a hit on Ipsy, too, where the serum's earned over 38,000 reviews). One 58-year-old shopper said they knew it was working when their sister-in-law commented that their face looked different: "Hard-to-erase" lines around their mouth had "disappeared," and sunspots had lightened — even from a tiny sample of the stuff.

More shoppers confirmed the high-caliber results, their wrinkles kept at bay and skin left "so radiant." A Nordstrom customer in their late 40s said that with it in their routine, they get nonstop compliments from other women, and another person in the same age bracket said it's plumped up their skin and reduced dryness. Results are visible after a week of using it once a day, per a fan, but magnify with long-term use; after 8 months, the same person said their crow's feet had lessened.

Dual Drop Serum VITABRID C12

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Vitabrid C12 describes its Dual Drop Serum as a "highly concentrated" dose of antioxidants for long-lasting hydration and firmer-looking skin, thanks to the inclusion of vitamin C, turmeric extract, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica extract, allantoin, five peptides, and 11 additional plant extracts. It doesn't stop there: Niacinamide and licorice root brighten, and arginine plumps skin.

So, the brand wasn't kidding about it being highly concentrated — and for many, that packed lineup translates to brighter, dewier, less-wrinkled skin. "My brown spots are fading and my skin looks 10 years younger," added a devotee. It's even enough to "completely fade" once-noticeable hyperpigmentation spots, said a former sun-lover, and earn the moniker of "miracle serum" from a different person.

Even with the cost, reviewers are so passionate about the find that they buy five bottles at a time. Want to start with one? Vitabrid C12's Dual Drop Serum is $62 at Nordstrom.

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