Double duty. Because single purpose products are so yesterday. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Jun 09, 2016 @ 10:00 am
Credit: Art by Elysia Berman

Since my first forway into self-tanner, I've become a total addict. I can't help myself. If I can look sun-kissed without any aging effects and dangerous sun damage, I'm so in. But you know what's even cooler? Oh, having self-tanner in my SPF 50 sun protection. I get an instant glow, protection from dangerous rays, and a way to develop a long-lasting tan. Dear diary, jackpot!

But this jackpot is even better because it's in our June Beauty Bag! Read on for why it's so rad.

What It's Called:

Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50 with Marula Oil

How Much It Will Set You Back:


What Makes It Special:

Well, it's the world’s only SPF 50 sunless tanner! Oh, and the fact that it’s an instant skin-finisher with anti-aging nourishing ingredients, too.

Who’s It For?

Anyone looking for instantaneous TANsformation (see what we did there?) or a dewy glow, sun protection, and a lasting buildable tan.

When to Use It:

During the busy work morning to look great and have skin protected, pre-going out for a luminous glow, pre-sun, or in sun for ultimate protection from the sun and building your tan the clever way.

What It Feels Like:

A luxurious sun protection treatment that also makes your limbs look like you're a VS angel.

What It Smells Like:

There are no perfumes or scents in Vita Liberata products, but the combined ingredients of lemon grass, grapefruit, marula, and monoi oils make for a delightful fresh smell that wears away after application. There's no need to worry if it will compete with your daily fragrance.

What the Experts Are Saying:

"This is an instant skin finish, nourisher, gradual tan, and SPF 50 all in one. I wanted a product that would nourish my skin with marula oil, protect my skin from sun damage, and allow me to get a gradual build tan—with color that I could deepen every time I re-applied in a formula I could reapply several times a day if necessary," says Alyson Hogg, founder, CEO, and creator of the product.

What the Internet Is Saying: