By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 17, 2018 @ 2:15 pm
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Thirteen years ago, Viktor & Rolf dropped a bomb – Flowerbomb, to be exact — a warm floral women's fragrance. To this day, the scent is a Sephora bestseller page mainstay. Rapper Wale even dedicated lyrics to its mass popularity.

But, despite all the love, it’s not for me.

Instead, I prefer Spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf's male-focused version of the original bestseller. It was created after designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren noticed the massive success of Flowerbomb and felt it needed a more masculine counterpart.

“We wanted to have our own bomb, which is how we thought of Spicebomb,” Horsting told me at the Viktor & Rolf Masterclass exhibition, an artistic celebration of the brand's 25th anniversary. “We thought, ‘What could be the equivalent of Flowerbomb, but for men?’ Flowers for men is possible but not the first choice, so we thought of spices.”

I received a tiny, purse-size sample of Spicebomb once, and it was love at first spray. My feelings have only grown stronger since. Out of the all the designer, luxury, and traditionally cult-classic fragrance bottles that line the top of my dresser, it’s the one scent that scores me the most compliments. Seriously; My sister. Countless Uber and taxi drivers. My barista who likes to pretend she doesn’t know my “usual.” My best friends. The random woman that passed me on the sidewalk on Prince Street. They all dig it.

Popular opinions are nice, but there's something more significant to me about this bottle of olfactory goodness. Even though Spicebomb is technically a men's fragrance, it smells good on me, and I like it. It's that simple. This fragrance introduced me to the concept of letting my nose decide what I wear – not my gender. Thanks to Spicebomb, if I like the way a scent smells, I wear it — regardless of whether or not I'm "supposed" to.

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Anyways, back to Spicebomb itself. The scent is described as an “olafactory explosion,” and is made up of notes like bergamot, cinnamon leaf, pink pepper, balsam fir, and tobacco. It’s a weird mix of fresh and zesty citruses, warm spices, and full-bodied, heavier scents — and together, it works. It makes me feel sexy, but in an unconventional way (again, women's fragrance doesn't have to have a ton of vanilla or floral notes to give you low-key boudoir feels). It's also different than any fragrance I've ever smelled, and can be worn year-round. Another bonus? You can actually personalize your own bottle with engraving before buying it on the brand's new site.

My bottle is now empty – a testament to how much I really love it – and you can be sure it'll get a restock. A scent that scores that much praise (and a love letter from me) is hard to come by.