This "Life-Changing" Hair Mask Cuts Down on Shedding and Leaves Strands Silky

I took it for a test drive.

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When My Curls Are a Rat’s Nest, This Mask Does All the Hard Detangling
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I don't know what it is about my curls, but their top priority at any given moment is to snarl and turn into a mat at the back of my head. Over the years, I've spent cumulative hours ripping apart knotted tangles, but as someone whose antidepressants were recently lost in the mail for a long couple of weeks, I've been lacking motivation to embark on the painful endeavor. Enter a crucial helper: Vegamour's Enso Overnight Restoring Hair Mask.

To be clear, almost nothing will get me excited about the wash day process. Detangling usually means saying goodbye to a paddle brush-sized clump of hair, which is an objective bummer. But considering Vegamour's aptitude for coming up with hair thickening, shed-reducing products, I had faith that if anyone could minimize my hair loss, it would be them. So when the brand offered to send me a tub of the mask to try, I was wholly on board.

The Enso mask claims to "instantly adjust to hair on contact" and adapt to its unique needs, which in all honesty has me a bit skeptical. It's not like the formula is going to add or take away certain properties depending on how broken your hair is — it's not a sentient being voiced by Scarlett Johansson. But the phthalate-free mix of meadowfoam and marula oil, allantoin, peptides, and ceramides does hone in on damage, and that's good enough for me.

ENSO Overnight Restoring Hair Mask

Available at Vegamour

The mask's directions (apply to wet hair and leave it on for up to 10 hours) directly appeal to my lazier instincts. I take a bath before bed most days, so after getting my hair wet and coating it in the thick formula, I popped my wet curls into a bun and went to sleep. This mask was made for the "I'll do it tomorrow" lifestyle, and unlike the shelves I've been meaning to put up for the last two months, I did actually come back the next day to finish the task.

Lo and behold, the challenge was magnitudes less: The mask had gotten rid of the worst knots and pain points, which made it easy for my Tangle Teezer to sweep through them with ease. I lost about a third of the hair I normally do, and while one use isn't enough to see a difference in hair growth, the formula includes phosphatidylcholine, which shows promise for encouraging growth in animal studies.

Add that to the glossy, hydrated, bouncy, and frizz-free curls I saw when my hair dried, and the Enso mask is a winner on all fronts. I'm not the only one who thinks so: Shoppers on Vegamour's website agree that the mask leaves hair so soft and silky they can't stop touching it — even for those with extreme heat damage and brittleness. As one commenter wrote, "This hair mask is life-changing."

Take the marketing with a grain of salt, but the results — and reduced hair fall — fully justify its $58 tag for me. Looking for similar results? Try it for yourself.

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