By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Getty Images

Beauty products can be the funniest thing. Depending on how you're feeling and the look you're going for, a swipe of mascara, your go-to fragrance, or a veil of dry shampoo can have some seriously transformative qualities, particularly when it comes to your confidence levels. As a matter of fact, when polled by Dove, 73% of women admitted that when shopping for a new beauty product, they seek out something that would make them feel their best, aesthetics aside. Weirdly enough, the product that made them feel the most confident wasn't a super-bold red lipstick or a thick sweep of liquid liner—it was deodorant.

In fact, the 1,574 women surveyed revealed that they found deodorant to be 13 times more important than lipstick, 10 times more important than eyeliner, 6 times more important than mascara, and 4 times more important than foundation. More than half admitted that, on the days they forgot to apply deodorant, they felt self-conscious and made it a point to distance themselves from others. We can certainly relate, and with the warmer weather (and eventual heat wave) drawing nearer every day, we'd definitely be among the 49% who confessed they'd often run back home to apply a layer instead of going without it. After all, a hair flip just isn't the same if you have to be conscious of any sudden movements...