Tulip Box - Lead
Credit: Josh Dickinson

Here's a solution that will let you skip a late-night run to your local drugstore after realizing you're out of toothpaste. Tulip, a brand-new oral care subscription service, lets you sign up to have all the dental essentials delivered to your doorstep every two months so that you'll never have to aimlessly wander the oral care aisle or wonder if it's time to replace that toothbrush.

For only $12, each bi-monthly delivery includes a toothbrush, a full-size tube of Tulip's exclusive mint or coconut mint paste, and a packet of floss (which, yes, you should be using every day). Convenience is not the only goal of the handy service. In addition to taking the thought out of your oral hygiene routine, Tulip aims to introduce you to products that will give you a healthier smile. The brand's toothbrush has two times the average number of bristles, plus a strip of activated charcoal and the fluoride toothpaste is FDA-approved for fighting cavities and killing harmful bacteria. Oh, and trust us—the minimal design of the products looks so good that you'll actually want to leave them out on your countertop.

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