Within 3 Days of Using This Serum, Shoppers Say Their "Age Started Disappearing"

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According to Shoppers, This Serum Smoothes "Deep Wrinkles" Around Their Eyes and Forehead
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Usually when a skincare formula starts winning raves, it's pretty easy to glance at the ingredient list and figure out why. The listings don't tell you everything (unless the brand goes above and beyond for transparency), but every now and then, a skincare find is so jammed with beneficial ingredients that it's tough to pinpoint what's the star. That's the case with Tula Skincare's Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum, a milky anti-aging potion that tones down lines with ease — even for people who've lived the majority of their lives with crow's feet.

"I have tried every wrinkle cream under the sun, and nothing has ever worked," writes one person of the effect they saw on the stubborn lines around their eyes. "Within a week of using Tula's Deep Wrinkle Serum, I'm seeing results in my wrinkles." That observation is echoed by myriad other shoppers, even ones in their 50s and 60s who detail the challenge their neck wrinkles pose.

"Within a week, people said there was something different about my skin. What I see and feel is balanced, clear skin," writes a reviewer who's stuck with it for a month. "My makeup looks fresh all day! It's more than I would normally spend, but now I've experienced the value." Speaking to the immediacy, another person says, "It started working right away. I've always had a noticeable vertical line in between my eyebrows, and I cannot get over how much that has been reduced/softened."

Tula Skincare Firm Up Deep Wrinkle Serum

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Unlike creams that lean on retinol or vitamin C as the main character, I count about 17 skin helpers in Tula's turquoise bottle (including, yes, vitamin C). There's also the brand's trademark anti-inflammatory probiotic extracts, which it's pioneered since even before La Roche-Posay's landmark study on the calming properties of probiotics for our skin's microbiome. Add to that chicory root extract, which a clinical study found has "protective and restructuring effects on the skin," collagen-supporting peptides, and a banquet of antioxidant-lending plant extracts.

Also present is apple extract, living up to its reputation for keeping the doctor — in this case, dermatologist — away. A 2012 study examined exactly how apples contribute to positive health outcomes, and found that the polyphenol-rich fruit effectively anti-aged yeast cells. Humans are more complex than yeast (although try telling that to my thirst for bread and kombucha), but a widely cited 2011 study found that polyphenols do protect skin against DNA damage and inflammation.

So there's quite a bit of science contributing to the effects that happy shoppers see from the serum, which has won dozens of five-star reviews specifically calling out its terrific work on fine lines and wrinkles. "My skin already feels very moisturized, and the wrinkles [are] less prominent after two weeks," one person writes; another says it "truly makes the wrinkles on [their] forehead smoother," and a third claims it's the best product they've found in years for firming loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The skincare world is mostly endgame-focused, but you don't see results from a product you don't like enough to stick with. That's not a problem for fans of the Tula serum, who write that they love how quickly the liquid absorbs — and the glow and soft texture they see after a week of it, even fine lip lines and "mad"-looking wrinkles dissipating.

Those results only magnify. As a penultimate shopper writes, "I have used this for almost two months, and am really noticing a difference in my deep wrinkles." A final reviewer goes even further: "Excellent product for wrinkled, aged skin. Within three days, my age started disappearing!" Try it for yourself.

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