This Primer Blurs Imperfections So Well, 75-Year-Olds Are Giving Up Foundation

“It covers my lines and wrinkles perfectly and protects my skin from the sun."

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According to thousands of shoppers, this primer blurs imperfections so well that they can skip makeup
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Clean and effective skincare brand Tula can do no wrong. Its products are affordable and frequently amass hundreds, if not thousands, of glowing five-star reviews.

Its eye products are frequently in the limelight (as they should be) for being able to fake a full night of restful sleep and being the skincare version of having a shot of espresso. Its primers, however, deserve to share the spotlight, especially if users have anything to say.

Tula has three primers but the tinted Filter Primer is the MVP of the category, with more than 6,000 five-star reviews. Primers can seem like a superfluous step, but Filter Primer is different. Several shoppers say they "can't live without it," and one even called it "the first primer I've ever loved."

filter primer blurring and moisturizing primer

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When a primer is just okay, it's an innocuous product — it's not doing any harm but it's really not adding anything to the equation either. A good primer, I've found, can amplify both your skincare and makeup routines, as is the case with Tula's Filter Primer. Licorice is a star ingredient in the formula, and it's responsible for evening out the complexion with repeated use. The formula also helps maintain skin balance and is non-comedogenic (meaning it won't clog your pores).

There is a universal, tint-free version and also four shades for different skin tones. When used after skincare but before makeup, Filter Primer acts as a final seal of moisture that primes, smooths, evens out, and hydrates skin. The magic of this formula, however, seems to be the IRL glow and blurring filter-like effects. One reviewer described it as "the holy grail of primers." Another shopper wrote, "it easily fills in those wrinkles that I'm very concerned about." A 75-year-old shopper even wrote that it completely replaced their foundation.

So many five-star reviewers insist it works so well you can skip foundation, but say that you'll also be blown away by its lasting power, glow boost, and blurring abilities, should you use it as the first step of your makeup routine. As one shopper aptly put it, "[it's the] perfect base for makeup. It covers my lines and wrinkles perfectly and protects my skin from the sun."

Whether you plan to use it as a standalone product or as the base for your makeup routine, you won't be disappointed with Tula's Filter Primer.

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