This Lightweight Gel Moisturizer Is So Refreshing, It's a Non-Negotiable in My Summer Skincare Lineup

I switched to this cooling formula thanks to my esthetician’s advice, and now I’m obsessed.

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This Customer-Loved Gel Moisturizer Feels Like a Refreshing Plunge Into a Cool Pool on a Hot Summers Day
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I experience intermittent moments of peace with my temperamental skin; there are very few products that work on it all the time. As such, the advice I get from my regular esthetician and dermatologist is incredibly important to me.

During my most recent chemical peel, I recounted my current skincare routine to my esthetician, and she immediately stopped me when I got to my moisturizer. "That is too thick and heavy for your skin. I would say it's contributing to how clogged your skin is and even some of the breakouts." She then recommended I look for something oil-free and less creamy, perhaps even a gel — which led me to Tula's Dew Your Thing Moisturizing Gel Cream. The popular gel moisturizer checks off all of the requirements in my search for the right formula — it's oil-free and non-comedogenic (so it won't clog pores), and it has a super lightweight texture. It's formulated with Tula's signature probiotic extract blends that are meant to balance skin, as well extracts of apple, watermelon, and prickly pear to add ample hydration and soothe inflammation.


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Whenever I apply the light gel, it feels like plunging into a cool pool after walking for a mile in the blistering sun. It gives a refreshing and cooling sensation, and it feels like my skin drinks it up the easy-to-absorb formula the minute I apply it — which makes it the perfect skincare product for summer. After a couple of uses, I mentally praised my esthetician: She was right! This one product switch has made my skin less congested, my pores less clogged, and my overall complexion brighter.

More than 500 customers on Tula's site, many of whom have similarly oily and congested skin, are just as satisfied with the gel cream. One shopper summed up the appea and said, "this moisturizer gel has everything I want in a cream without adding anything I don't. Hydrated, refreshed & balanced skin [and it] doesn't clog pores."

Tula's Dew Your Thing Gel Cream has become a summer must-have for me. So if you're in search of a lighter yet still hydrating moisturizer for the season ahead, hundreds of people (myself included) would recommend this to you.

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