1,901 Reviewers Say This Product Completely Gets Rid of Their Under Eye Bags

Amazon Reviewers Say This Eye Balm Completely Gets Rid of Their Under Eye Bags

With 1,106 five-star reviews, it’s been called the “make up version of coffee.”
By Rachel Nussbaum
Dec 08, 2020 @ 9:00 am
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The combination of pandemic life and gray winter mornings has made this a tough, sleepy season, and no matter how much coffee or tea we consume, it always feels like just before the first sip. Splashing your face with cold water throughout the day is one solution, but reaching for Tula's Probiotic Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm feels infinitely better - and delivers a quick hit of coolness that not only makes us feel 20 percent perkier, but deflates puffy eyes quickly. 

You may have seen the little blue stick on Instagram, where countless influencers have talked up its benefits (no less than 10 Amazon reviewers mention seeing it on the social media platform, with most saying that it actually made them reluctant to try the balm). Yet despite the skepticism brought on by overenthusiastic hype machines, 1,106 people gave the Eye Balm five-stars for its depuffing, awakening prowess. 

If you're one of those people who spends all day tired, only to get in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours, first, our condolences. Second, it's approved by those facing likewise long nights: "I have trouble sleeping. I always have dark circles under my eyes! I even had plastic surgery to try to help the puffiness," one Amazon reviewer writes. Within two days of using the balm, they say they noticed a remarkable difference. 

TULA Probiotic Skin Care Glow & Get It Cooling
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Others second that it helps with puffiness and dark circles, leaving even those who feel like they've run out of hope excited. "This actually works on under eye circles and puffiness. First time something ever has," reviewers write, while others talk about how it also helps with making crows feet much less prominent. 

Repeating the observation that the balm reduces puffiness, another shopper noted that its reflective sheen deflects dark circles on top of cutting the under-eye volume. For others, it's the long-awaited product that "does everything I'm looking for." 

It's also popular amongst the new mom crowd in particular, which is the highest praise possible for an under-eye treatment. One person even calls it "a mom lifesaver," while another writes that it "cools my swollen under-eye bags after a long night up with the baby." 

The most persuasive take? That this is the skincare equivalent of a cup of coffee. Actually, a lot of coffee: In a review titled "Closest thing to a good night's sleep I've had in 23 years," the reviewer writes that it "goes on easily and perks my eyes up like they just drank a pot full of coffee! Some days I can get away with using it and skipping my under eye concealer (and I'm 39). Buy it!" Others are more measured with their skin care-version-of-coffee usage: another wrote that "I wear this every single day. It's like the makeup version of coffee." 

We'll cheers to that, and maybe add some Bailey's on top. No one has to know.