Looking to Change Up Your Nail Shape? Lipstick Nails Are the Answer

A nail expert shares how to wear this style.

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As a beauty editor, it pretty much goes without saying that I have a healthy obsession with my nails. And as a true Virgo, I need them to look as perfect as possible at all times.

For a while, that meant making sure I always stuck to my beloved shade of Bubble Bath from OPI, but I've grown to appreciate all colors of the rainbow when it comes to polish, as well as some occasional nail art. The one thing I've never budged on is my almond nail shape. However, South Korean nail queen Park Eunkyung may influence me to try something new with one of her innovations: lipstick-shaped nails.

As a devotee of the almond shape, my first reaction was that lipstick nails are a bit unconventional. But I still find them to be cute as hell. To get an unbiased take on the shape, and to find out more about how you can achieve the look, I spoke with nail expert Kristin Gyimah, who shares everything you'll want to know about lipstick nails.

Why Are Lipstick Nails Trending?

Although the lipstick shape isn't something you see every day, there's no denying that it's becoming increasingly popular. And beyond just Eunkyung being a force in the industry, Gyimah knows why. "The shape of lipstick is symbolic," Gyimah tells InStyle. "It embodies feelings of sexiness, femininity, empowerment, and glamour. It's only natural that the same shape in nails not only trends but would embody that vibe. Naturally, people are going to want to play with that," she says.

Lipstick-Shaped Nails Work for Any Length

Unlike stiletto or coffin shapes, lipstick nails look great whether you have on extensions, have grown out your own natural nails, or just clipped them off.

Minimal Nail Art May Be Best

While it's always fun to play around with extravagant nail art, if you're opting for this shape, you may want to let the actual nail do all the talking. "I feel that a chic, more simple design goes best," Gyimah suggests. "Nail designs that include purposefully placed stones, line work, or even tonal geometrics would be great for this look."

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If You're Nervous About Trying It Out, You Can Easily Change Your Mind

If you love the look of lipstick-shaped nails, but you're not quite sure if it's right for you, Gyimah shares that there's an easy way to go for a test run before making the full commitment. "Ask your tech to file up two fingers in the lipstick shape. If you like it, go for it. If not, they can easily shape it into a coffin, you'll just lose a tiny bit of length." You can also opt for extensions if you want to go another route.

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