Does KVD Beauty's foundation make the cut?

By Christopher Luu
Mar 31, 2021 @ 4:13 pm

Kourtney Kardashian's beau Travis Barker is known for his time with Blink-182 just as much as his tattoos.

He's pretty much covered from head to toe, including a pair of tiny tats on his face, which his daughter, Alabama, covered up with makeup in an Instagram post. She called it a makeover, but it was also a chance for her to show her followers just how high-coverage KVD Beauty's Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm is. It's the latest product to take TikTok by storm, becoming a viral sensation thanks to its almost unbelievable high coverage.

"Watch me cover my dad's tattoos!" she wrote. "My dad let me give him a makeover. Covered up his face tattoos with @kvdbeauty's new Good Apple Foundation. The coverage of this formula had us both shocked ..."

During the demonstration, where the product completely covered up Barker's ink, the two shared some sweet father-daughter moments.

Not only does Alabama roll her eyes at her dad's favorite tattoo ("blessed" on his cheek), she also misidentifies and mispronounces "anchor" more than once. The video finishes with a before-and-after shot, showing off Alabama's skills and the foundation's ultra-high coverage.

It may be a sentimental way to do some spon con (she tagged #KVDBeautyPartner in the post), but seeing this softer side of Barker is a nice change from his exchanges with Kardashian, which include tattoos (maybe) and head-scratching notes that involve destroying each other.