These beauty sponges have all the fun.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 05, 2016 @ 6:00 am
Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Beautyblender devotees are pretty outspoken regarding their love for the egg-shaped makeup sponge. Now these loyalists are taking their adoration one step further…by taking their blenders on vacay.

Our friends over at Cosmopolitan brought the phenomenon to our attention and we’re pretty blown away by the jet-setting lives of the average Beautyblender. They simply searched the hashtag #BeautyblenderWorldTour and myriad photos popped up of the sponges in some pretty incredible locales around the globe.

We’re talking Paris, London, and Dubai, among others. And it’s not like these women are just taking snaps of their makeup sponges in their beauty bags as they travel the globe, they’re literally putting them into glamour shots in the aforementioned cities. Is it sad that we’re jealous that Beautyblenders have more frequent flier miles than we do?

Personally we think there should be some kind of call to action for international Beautyblender meetups. Afterall, travel is way more fun with a friend and the sponges would probably love to see a familiar face, errr, sponge?

Listen, if elementary school kids get Flat Stanley to take photos in super cool places, we think the Beautyblender is the perfect equivalent for your avid beauty girl. And they do look awfully adorbs in pictures, especially the hot pink sponges which were just born to stand out.

And we’re a little bummed that we don’t have any upcoming travel plans to give our own Beautyblender a chance to shine on social media. Maybe this is just the inspo we need to schedule a trip. After all, it would be a shame to give our hard-working blender vacay envy.