Shoppers Say This Is the Perfect Mask For Repairing “Over-Processed, Damaged” Hair

Bid Farewell to Damaged, Greasy, or Lifeless Hair With This $16 Mask

An expert explains why it’s so effective.
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Our hair goes through a lot. Even if you're not experimenting with a Bella Hadid-inspired baby bang dye job or contending with a day of unexpected frizziness, factors like aging and genetics can all take a potential hair toll. There are always options when it comes reversing unwanted hair damage and according to Amazon shoppers, one particular mask "works wonders."

Give your stressed out strands some TLC with the Amazon-shopper approved TonyMoly Hayeo Mayo Hair Mask. Formulated with multiple beneficial ingredients, including shea butter, macadamia seed oil, and egg yolk extract, the creamy mask was made for applying after cleansing. Apply product directly to strands in need of conditioning and then rinse after three minutes.

The process seems simple enough and multiple reviewers, all with different hair types, have shared impressive post-use results. "I have thin, fine, long hair that is oily at the roots but gets really dry at the ends. I need to wash my hair every day and actually use this daily on the lengths of my hair. Surprisingly, it doesn't weigh my hair down at all," one shopper shared.

TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Mask
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One person, hoping to reverse the impact of a recent dye job, called the mask perfect, writing, "I've used so many different products and none have given instant results the way this has. I used a clarifying shampoo to try to get rid of some of the leftover color and then used this hair pack. I thought it smelled lovely like vanilla. I left it on for five minutes and my hair was so much better. I tried it again a week later and my hair keeps getting softer and more manageable."

Hairstylist Jill Turnbull further explained to InStyle why this mask's chosen ingredients are so beneficial, saying, "Shea butter, egg yolk extract and macadamia oil are all wonderful, natural ingredients that are filled with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and essential vitamins to help improve scalp and hair health."

She pointed out that shea butter is especially effective in treating damaged hair, and aside from this mask, there are multiple products that prominently feature the incredibly beneficial ingredient. "Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties and fatty acids that supply essential nutrients to help treat your scalp without clogging your pores. This will, in turn, strengthen the hair follicles, reduce hair loss, and make your hair grow thicker," she said.

One reviewer, looking to repair split ends caused by heat damage, said the mask "works wonders," while another fan with long hair that tended to run frizzy fell in love, writing, "Instantly, my hair was less frizzy and shinier than before. It leaves your hair feeling really soft but not greasy at all."

Turn back the clock on your damaged hair and reveal shiny, strengthened new tresses with a bottle of TonyMoly Hayeo Mayo Hair Mask from Amazon or SkinStore.