TineCo Curly Hair Dryer

This Smart Hair Dryer Is Designed to Keep Curls From Going Flat

It also holds in hydration.
By Andrea Marie
May 18, 2021 @ 8:00 pm
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Dyson isn't the only vacuum brand getting into the hair tools game. Tineco, which has a range of top-rated vacuum cleaners on Amazon, created some buzz with its expansion into beauty last year. Curly-haired people should take note of the Tineco Moda One hair dryer: It doesn't only cut drying time in half, according to shoppers, but it's also safe for curls - and it's half the price of the Supersonic. 

That's because the hair dryer has moisture-sensing technology that adjusts heat and air flow on its own, so your hair isn't exposed to unnecessary heat. Its smart sensors are able to detect real-time moisture levels in hair 20 times per second, which is especially helpful for curls and textured hair that is more prone to heat damage. It comes with a few styling attachments, including a diffuser for enhanced waves and curls, a styling concentrator for precise air flow, and a smoothing nozzle for adding shine. Plus, with a power cord that's nearly 9 feet long, you have more freedom to move about as you're styling.

Beauty YouTuber Hermela Solomon used the Moda One in a tutorial with Tineco to show just how well it works on curls. Starting off with wet hair, she used the diffuser attachment throughout the entire process. "The LED lights switch from red to blue - this signifies that the blow dryer is actually picking up the hair moisture and changing the heat and air flow as I blow dry," she explained. These LED lights indicate which sections of your hair need further focus as you dry.

"Another really cool thing about this blow dryer is that it generates negative ions, basically that means it helps to control static and frizz while your hair is drying," she added. In the end, she was left with smooth, hydrated, and voluminous curls. 

Tineco Moda One Smart Ionic Hair Dryer
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And just like you, the Moda One is online. Pair it to your smartphone and use the accompanying app to select drying modes, heat preferences, and different settings like manual, eco, and even modes for pets and kids. 

Its lightweight design and low sound operation are what many customers over on Amazon are talking about. "It's way more quiet than other dryers, gets my hair dry in under 10 minutes, and feels way more gentle on my hair," said one.  

And they promise it's worth the big price tag. "I am now convinced that high-end hair dryers really can make a difference! My hair is healthier, shinier, and I have cut my drying time in half," one shared. "The only thing I am doing differently with my haircare routine is using the MODA ONE hairdryer.". 

For healthy, bouncy curls this summer, you can buy the Moda One Hair Dryer on Amazon.