How to Get the Perfect Heatless Blowout — By Using a T-Shirt

Introducing yet another game-changing TikTok hack.

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Whether you're someone who's been obsessed with TikTok before it became popular or you're just someone who reluctantly downloaded the app and has since become a fan, chances are, you've seen or heard of the viral beauty hacks, tips, and tricks that often flood the app. From how to apply concealer to fake a facelift to how to fill in your eyebrows, users are constantly teaching us new ways to do our beauty routines.

As someone who admittedly spends way too much time on the app, I recently came across user @mypawfectfamily's heatless blowout hair hack video and immediately knew I had to give it a try — it's called research, okay?

After testing this technique, I'm happy to report that it quite literally changed the way I style my hair for good.

So, if you're someone who's trying to cut down on heat styling, or you're looking for ways to shorten your hairstyling routine in the morning (every extra minute of sleep counts!), keep reading to learn more about this heatless blowout method and my honest thoughts throughout the process.

How to Do the Heatless Blowout Hack:

I found out about this heatless blowout trick after stumbling across user @mypawfectfamily's video, where she's doing a tutorial to the sound of J.Lo's song "On the Floor." All you'll need is a T-shirt, hair ties, a comb, hairpins, and a spray bottle with water. The first thing you do is roll up a T-shirt into a circular, doughnut shape, which @mypawfectfamily has another video on her account showing exactly how to do it.

Then, you part your hair (however you usually part it) and use a fine, long-tail comb to create the first section of hair that will wrap around the T-shirt. In the video tutorial, you'll see that she starts from the top of the head and creates a triangle section at the front.

After doing that, you'll brush that hair to remove any knots or tangles, spray it with water (if it isn't already damp), and wrap it around the doughnut. Once you're at the tail end of that section of hair, you grab more hair and repeat the process of wrapping it around the T-shirt.

When you're finished with one side, you'll secure the ends with a pin on the back of your head and repeat this process on the other side. Finally, you'll sleep in this overnight, and when you wake up, you'll have an easy, beautiful hairstyle.

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Does the Heatless Blowout Hair Hack Actually Work?

As someone with wavy hair that's frizzy, I definitely recommend trying this at home. I followed the original tutorial and thought it was pretty easy to get my hair wrapped around the T-shirt doughnut. I was also pleasantly surprised that the T-shirt didn't feel uncomfortable as I went to lay down for bed.

When I first took out the T-shirt the next day, I admittedly was confused because my hair looked frizzy, unshapely, and nothing like how it did in the video. After finger-combing through my hair and fluffing it out, though, it helped reduce some of that initial frizz and define the curls and waves. I proceeded to blow-dry my curtain bangs to help shape them (yes, I technically cheated but those with bangs will understand) and added a small amount of hair oil to smooth everything out.

As the day went on, the curls became looser, which I loved because it gave it that bouncy, blowout look. Overall, I was super impressed by this heatless hair hack and have been talking about it non-stop to all of my friends and family, encouraging them to give it a try ever since trying it.

I will say though, I think this trick will work best for those with straight, wavy, or loose curls and a medium-to-long length. That said, however, if you're like me and love experimenting with new beauty tips and tricks, I say definitely give it a try.

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