3 Powder Highlighters That Will Up Your Strobing Game

Shine bright like a diamond. 

Photo: Art by Elysia Berman

As someone who likes to have a glow, I fancy myself a highlighter connoisseur. Even on the days of my most minimal makeup, I'm likely wearing some sort of balm on my cheekbones for some sheer sheen. Given that I dabble with every kind of formulation possible, it only makes sense that I would tell you about my recent faves by formulation. And today, that formulation is powdery heaven. Read on for three of my latest faves:

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Euphoria

As far as I'm concerned, Hourglass powders stand in a class of their own. They essentially reinvented the game with their innovative ambient line and the entire beauty world followed suit. These are the latest release of ambient powders and they are brilliant. At once finely milled, silky smooth, and literally brilliantly reflective, this highlighter is neutral and provides a high octane pearlescent glow. If you apply it wet, it's gorgeous; if you apply it dry, it's still gorgeous. Not the most subtle, but if you're looking for some serious upped glam-factor ante, this is your best bet. ($38; bluemercury.com)

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey

OK, first of all, when I received this delightful treat of an illuminator, it looked so creamy, I honestly thought it was a cream product. But, no, it's just the most buttery power highlight that I've ever laid fingers on. Literally. Every time I open it, I have to swatch it. It's lovely and warms the complexion—AKA great for giving you some sun-kissed glow, and who doesn't want that? ($26; dermstore.com)

Eve Lom Illuminating Radiance Powder

Now this product is different from the aforementioned in one major way: it's a loose powder, which normally I shy away from. But this one is special because it's in one compact package, aka it's amazing if you're on the go. You just open and dust across the high points of your face and along your clavicle, and go on your merry way. But, that merry way will include a rosy glow, with a fresh sheen, while also disguising minor imperfections. This is the real deal, you guys. ($60; barneys.com)

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