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It must have looked strange — me, sitting at my desk, typing away with fingerless nude gloves on. In fact, I know it looked weird, thanks to my colleague who told me it looked like I was making some ‘80s throwback fashion statement or channeling Madonna.

And while both of those ideas sound great, what I was really doing was attempting to beautify my hands.

In a world where there are sheet masks for your feet, your ponytail, and your nail beds, beautifying gloves shouldn’t be that much of a shocker.

Plus, hands are an area of the body we tend to forget about when it comes to beauty, even though we use them all day, every day. So anything we can do to keep ‘em looking young and fresh, apart from slathering on moisturizer and SPF (that’s key!) is interesting.

These Skin Rejuvenating Gloves ($45;, from the beauty brand, iluminage, are formulated with copper-infused fibers that work to improve the texture and tone of your hands.

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So think age spots, uneven skin tone, and fine lines.

The company says that copper is an ingredient that promotes the production of protein. It can be found in a ton of skin care products, as well as in the company’s uber-popular copper pillowcase.

Considering all you really have to do is slip them on and go on your way, which Monday through Friday, for me, consists of a lot of typing on my computer, I was down.

They have clinical trials that indicate the copper technology worked to improve the appearance of skin in about four weeks, which made me even more curious. Also, they seem like the most low-maintenance beauty treatment ever.

While I haven’t worn them for a month straight, I have started to test them out around the office. Here’s what I learned so far.

They’re crazy comfortable, and after a while, you forget you have them on. Expect plenty of comments from those around you.

And in that sense, they’re conversation starters!

You literally can do anything you did without them on — texting, typing, twirling your hair. (C’mon, I know that’s not only me).

They’re really soft.

They make your average given day feel a little bit more special and take attention away from your chipped manicure. Score.

And for that, I am very willing to look like an ‘80s princess.