It gives me just the right amount of volume, lift, and length. 

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I'll admit that I'm probably pickier than most when it comes to mascara. From my teenage years — when I first started wearing makeup — into my early 20s, I was always on the hunt to find a formula that had it all. I needed a product that would give me the perfect amount of volume and length, and it also had to come with a brush that would separate my lashes.

Month after month I'd go through tubes of mascara, that for the most part, were just OK. Some would give me volume, others would give me length, but it was rare that I'd find one that could actually do both. Once in a while I'd stumble on a product that gave me the big, beautiful lashes of my dreams, but there was always a catch: It would either smudge, flake, or make my lashes look clumpy after the second coat.

Needless to say, I was over it by the time I hit 25. But luckily for me, a good friend of mine was an eyelash tech. So I ditched mascara in exchange for extensions for about six months, until she realized the back pain that came along with applying lashes all day wasn't worth it for her.

Not knowing how long it would take me to find a new lash tech that I could trust, I got my friend to remove the extensions in meantime. But since I had gotten so accustomed to having bold lashes, I knew I needed to find a mascara that could give me a similar (but obviously more natural-looking) result, without causing any clumping.

Seeing as I was never really impressed with any products I had tried in the past, I was pretty much back at square one until I tried Lancôme's Monsieur Big Mascara.

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After receiving it in a gift bag, and hearing amazing reviews from fellow beauty editors, I ran home to test it out. Once I applied the first coat, I knew it was love at first try.

This mascara gave me all the length and volume that I wanted, while still separating each lash. And the formula never smudged or flaked — even when I accidentally rubbed my eye. I saw such great results from this product that I never even bothered to find a new lash tech, and I still swear by it to this day.

Since stumbling upon this gem, I've gone through dozens of mascaras, thinking maybe I could find a substitute. But quite honestly, nothing compares to Monsieur Big.