Taylor Hill's Fitness Routine Will Make You Breathe a Sigh of Relief

It’s official: you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to look as good as a Victoria’s Secret model. In fact, as we learned from 21-year-old runway superstar Taylor Hill, glowing from the outside, at least according to her, really is all about feeling good on the inside.

“I like to think of working out and all that stuff as more of a lifestyle. You can make it fun, and find what you love, and do what you like. It’s just about being confident with how you are. I work out more for myself than to be thin,” she told us Wednesday in Los Angeles, where the newest and youngest Lancôme ambassador celebrated the launch of the brand’s new mascara, Monsiour Big, the debut of their new Matte Shakers, and the launch of their first-ever U.S. pop-up.

“Sometimes I can’t work out all the time, because I travel like a crazy person. So sometimes it doesn’t work out, and that’s OK with me. I just love the idea of it being a part of my life,” she added, offering powerful words for young women. “Be yourself. Just do things that will make you feel confident about who you are.”

Fitness aside, Hill also dished on her beauty routine, which surprisingly is very bare-bones. “For my daily beauty routine, I like to keep it pretty clean, just because I wear a lot of makeup for jobs. I fly a lot. So it’s really nice to kind of give my skin more of a break,” she said. “So I think if I am going to wear makeup that day, I just throw on a little bit of concealer under the eye, just to like brighten up the face.” Easy enough.

As for her gig with Lancôme, Hill’s super pumped. “It’s incredible. As a model, your goal in your career is a beauty contract,” she said. “I was signed last year, and I had just turned 20. You kind of don’t expect that at this age. I met with them, and we just instantly clicked.”

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