This Eye Cream Erased My Dark Circles, and the Before-and-After Photos Prove It

Even as a beauty writer I’ve always been an eye-cream skeptic. This one made me a believer.

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Tatcha Pearl Eye Cream
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I don't know how long they've been there, but I've recently noticed dark circles under my eyes, no amount of sleep or hydration seems to brighten them up. I recently started using eye creams for the first time in my life, specifically seeking out products that claim to offer an instant, even if temporary, solution. Thankfully, I very quickly found my miracle product — let me introduce you to Tatcha's The Pearl Tinted Eye Cream.

Because I am a beauty writer, when I first realized I had an issue with my under eyes it was a quick road to product testing. I looked through my desk drawer of recently-received products and began trying out different formulas. Though I have taken a liking to the African Botanics Eye Contour Gel-Serum for nourishment and Kiramoon's Moon Globes to stimulate blood flow, I still wanted something to give me instant gratification and visible results. That's where the Tatcha product shines.

Tatcha Pearl Eye Cream

Before and after using The Pearl Tinted Eye Cream.

As you can see, the change was immediate and, no exaggeration stunned me. The first time I used the Tatcha Pearl Eye Cream it literally made my day better. While I may still need to figure out a more permanent fix for these dark circles, I am reassured knowing that at the very least there is a temporary topical solution with long lasting benefits. The silk powder in the cream creates a blurring yet moisturizing effect, which softens the area, while hyaluronic acid and pearl extract plump the skin and improve hyperpigmentation.

To apply, I dip my middle finger and pick up a drop of product, then lightly tap it under my eyes and also around my top lids for good measure. The product comes in two shades, Softlight, which is the lighter of the two, and Candlelight. I've been using the Softlight shade, which works perfectly for my complexion during the fall and winter seasons when the melanin appears to drain from my face.

Anecdotally, the dark sunkenness of my under eyes is supposedly an inherited Mediterranean and Middle Eastern trait, which I have seen in my grandmother and extended family. Since I've incorporated the Tatcha product into my daily routine, friends and family have been saying things like "You look so well rested!" First of all, thank you for the backhanded compliment? Secondly, I am no more or less rested than I was before — I just have a new topical trick up my sleeve that works so well I have already gifted it to my two sisters.

THE PEARL Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment

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