By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jan 18, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
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Target Good Chemistry - Lead
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Target is not giving us a break with all of the new brand launches. But we certainly aren't complaining. Yesterday, we found out about the new (and affordable) fashion label Universal Thread. And now, we just received word that a new beauty line is dropping this weekend, people. It's called Good Chemistry, and this one for all of you guys who have been longing for a quality fragrance at a crazy, good price.

Good Chemistry will be Target's first, exclusive fragrance brand ever. So you know the retailer is going all out for this launch. You'll find a good variety of scents to choose from based on your mood. There's a group of Confident & Charming fragrances—for those times that you're feeling unstoppable.

Confident Charming - Embed
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Or you can cop a Good & Grounded scent for the chill moments.

Good Grounded
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We'll be rocking something from Vibrant & Playful for the nights out on the town.

Vibrant & Playful
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And we'll keep a bottle from the Cool & Collected line on deck for everyday freshness.

Cool Collected - Embed
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That's not it. Each one of those groups offers a variety of scented bottled perfumes, rollerballs, or body sprays to choose from. So go ahead and go crazy. Each item will cost you less than $25 when they launch in Target stores and online on January 21.