Self Tanner - Lead 2016
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We've all been there—after slathering on a bottle of self-tanner, which seemed promising in the store, you allow the color to develop, only to end up rocking a tone that vaguely resembles Cheeto dust. Depending on your natural skin tone, the end result could look completely believeable, or similar to an overly-saturated burnt sienna photo filter, which is not a good look. You should have a formula that adjusts accordingly, sort of like those clear-to-pink lip colors, right? Enter Tan-Luxe, a range of face and body products that are pretty much the "choose your own adventure" books of the self-tanning world.

Tan-Luxe's formulas are unique in that they use your own skin tone as the starting point, and gradually turn up the warmth with the use of some seriously magical tanning actives. They're of organic origin, and work with the melanin in your skin to deliver a natural-looking finish. Each of the concentrated formulas can be mixed in with your favorite body lotion or face moisturizer—just stick to 2-6 drops per body part when slathering all over your arms and legs, and 1-4 drops total for your face. The best part? Next to the totally natural finish, there isn't a trace of that dreaded ramen noodle smell associated with typical self-tanners. Shop the line, priced between $50 and $60, right now at