By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Oct 02, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
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Credit: Tetra Images/Getty

You never know until you try. That’s something your mom tells you before you try to spell “rhythm” at a second grade spelling bee, or before a tennis tournament. But that’s what I had to tell myself before I finally committed to testing an eyelash serum. I knew they could work—my coworker's ultra-lengthened lashes mimic a super effective designer mascara, and I’ve heard countless women praise the power of Revitalash. But me? I just didn’t believe it.

Well, that is until I started working the Talika Lipocils Platinum Lash Serum ($120; into my routine. This was tough, considering I have a fairly simple skincare routine in both the morning and at night, but the potential of Twiggy-like lashes kept me focused. The thing that drew me to this particular tube is because it’s really 2-in-1. Joined together by magnetics, this product features two separate tubes with two separate formulas catered to providing your eyelashes nourishment based on what’s best for them in the morning and at night, or where they’re at in their circadian rhythm. Not that word again, right?

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Another thing that convinced me is that it works without prostaglandin and the morning formula is 95% natural, while the evening formula is 94% natural. Instead, Talika enlisted the help of red clover blossom, an ingredient that’s meant to improve lash growth by basically extending the growth phase of and eyelash and shortening when it rests. Therefore, you’d have lashes that are growing for a longer amount of time, thus getting longer in the process. That’s the evening formula’s true claim to fame, along with nourishing and strengthening eyelashes.

The morning also helps activate growth, but also strengthens the root so they don’t fall out as easily, and then also intensifies the color of the lashes, and works to add a curve. Thanks to silk protein extract, you also get a protective covering. Each formula is applied via a thin and precise brush dipped in the formula.

After using it for three weeks, I felt like my lashes were stronger than they had been in the past and slightly denser, but then I lost my groove and lost my tube! The true test is eight weeks, so I’ve picked one up again with hopes to see length drastically improve—that, after all, is my ultimate goal since my natural lashes didn’t get that super long gene.