By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jul 26, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
Talika Eye Mask LEAD
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File Talika's new eye mask pods under one of the top 5 coolest and most interactive skincare innovations we've seen in a minute.

Housed in packaging that looks very similar to your contact lenses, the Eye Decompress Soothing Eye Masks are a far cry from the traditional gels you'd place just below your lower lash line—not that we don't love and obsessively hoard those, of course. Talika's new take looks somewhat like a cross between a sheet and sleep mask, though it isn't until you activate the product that you're actually able to make out its final form.

Talika Eye Mask
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Start with a clean face, and press down on the capsule containing the blue liquid while the pod is still closed. The cornflower, Japanese rose petal, and chamomile-rich formula will infuse the tiny white disc, and it will expand as soon as it's ready for use—sort of like those water-activated animal sponges you used to play with when you were a kid. Lay down, spread the mask over both of your eyes, and let it work its de-puffing and dark circle-fading magic for around 10 minutes. Even after you're finished, the anti-pollution film in the liquid will repel any pollution particles that come into contact with your skin.

So, where does the zen aspect come into play? The QR code printed on the interior of the box is linked to an exclusive relaxation podcast by yoga professor Arnaud Caby, which will guide you through meditation and breathing exercises. Even if you choose your own soundtrack, the inviting aroma combined with the fact that you have to be laying down for 10 minutes to wear the mask is a pretty relaxing act in itself.

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Find Talika's Eye Decompress Soothing Eye Mask at priced at $25 for a box of 9 masks.