Want to Detox Your Armpits? Try This Deodorant

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When your go-to deodorant just doesn't seem to be cutting the sweat (or smell) the way it used to, it could be time for a detox. No, we're not talking about a juice cleanse: The Takesumi Detox is a charcoal-infused deodorant that promises to completely rid your underarms of sweat and odor by extracting the bacteria that trigger both in the first place. And unlike your traditional stick, this formula is black.

Though it looks inky in the tube, it actually glides on clear, so you don't have to worry about casting a shadow on your underarm area. Takesumi—better known as bamboo charcoal—is the obvious hero ingredient, and its porous surface chemically binds to toxins and bacteria to remove them from your body. It's effective enough to completely clean out your sweat glands, so after a few weeks using the Takesumi deodorant, breaking a sweat is a rare occurrence.

But the detox journey doesn't come without a struggle. During the first week, you can expect the Takesumi formula to work similarly to your traditional deodorant by keeping odor at bay, but on the second week of your regimen, you may notice a slight aroma. Don't freak out—this is just the activated charcoal drawing the toxins and bacteria out of your skin. You'll be less smelly, but slightly sweaty, on your third week, as your body continues to purge all the bad stuff, but by week four, the detox is complete, leaving you totally sweat- and odor-free. Pick up a stick for $21 at kaianaturals.com to see for yourself how well it works.

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