This Drugstore Serum Shrinks Pores and Fine Lines So Well, Shoppers Recommend It to Their Best Friends

Dry-skinned shoppers in Alaska say it beats the elements.

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This Drugstore Serum Shrinks Pores and Fine Lines So Well, Shoppers Recommend It to Their Best Friends
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Finding hardworking skincare is an art, and I've spent cumulative hours posted up in drugstores and Sephora scanning through reviews trying to determine what's actually worth plunking down my hard-earned cash for. At the drugstore, anti-aging products that actually work used to be few and far between — and while that changed when over-the-counter retinol Differin entered the chat, its unadulterated ingredient can be harsh. If you want those results in a gentler form, one little-known brand at Target has the answer.

Sweet Chef is Glow Recipe's sister line, and while the latter's products average around $40 (and are well worth it), everything from Sweet Chef's range clocks in under $25. Yet despite costing about half the price, the formulas compare to more steeply priced finds, especially the brand's shopper-worshipped Beet + Vitamin A Serum Shot.

"Okay, so this stuff is incredible. Within the first few days I've noticed my pores are shrinking, my lines on my forehead are diminishing a bit, and my skin looks smoother," writes one person. "This stuff is a mini miracle in a bottle. Already recommended it to my best friends." Another reviewer dealing with enlarged pores, blackheads, and oily skin they term "the work of the devil" say that all of the above have cleared up, a performance almost too good to be true for $20.

Sweet Chef Vitamin C Serum Shot

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All those claims are backed up by other reviewers, who also see discoloration-eliminating results and a softening prowess that impresses even dry-skinned shoppers in Alaska. Texture-smoothing results are visible in about a week, according to multiple others, like one who titled their review "Beet still my heart." Persistent acne also vanishes thanks to the ingredients, revealing ye famed "glass skin" upon waking.

Beyond the anecdotal praise, dermatologists co-sign that the ingredients provide results. The serum's retinol — also known as vitamin A — has proven anti-aging properties that helps to build collagen and decrease collagen breakdown, according to Dr. Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale's School of Medicine.

New York board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michele Green adds that by stimulating collagen synthesis, vitamin A helps to create a smoother skin surface and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As an antioxidant, it also helps to prevent skin damage caused by harmful free radicals in the environment.

She continues: "Vitamin A will help diminish the overall appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, leaving skin looking more refreshed, radiant, and youthful. [And] the beet root extract is a hydrating and nourishing ingredient that is packed with antioxidants, benefiting all skin types including oily, dry, sensitive, and mature."

That's the truth, according to a final shopper. "I've been using this product for months now, and when I say my skin has never been this soft and texture free in my life...I've used high-end brands and drugstore brands, and have never seen such a difference like this one. My skin literally feels as soft and smooth as baby skin. This serum will definitely be a permanent addition to my skin care routine."

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