Jeffree Star - Instagram - LEAD
Credit: jeffreestar/instagram

Suffice it to say that if Jeffree Star is into a product, we're total believers. Whenever you see an ultra-sharp cat eye on your Instagram feed, we're willing to bet that Suva Beauty's Hydra Liner is behind the magic. Star previously sung the product's praises in his neon liner tutorial over the summer, and it almost seems like the internet as a whole has been obsessed in its wake. Available in pretty much every color of the rainbow—classic black and insanely-shiny metallics included—the liner looks like your traditional powder shadow, but is activated by either a few drops of water or a setting spray.

After applying your water to the pan, use a fine brush to mix it into the formula. If the liner starts out a little thin, pour out the excess water and work your brush into the color until you achieve a creme-like consistency. No joke, just one swipe delivers a color payoff as intense as what you'd see in the pan. Shop the full lineup over at now. For $11 per liner, you can stock up on the entire ROYGBIV spectrum.