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If 40% of the people buying condoms are women, then why are the products completely marketed toward men? This isn't a joke with sexual undertones—it's the reality of the contraceptive aisle at your local drugstore. Between the XXL-labeled packaging (in a bold impact font, thank you very much) and brands that give a nod to a certain Roman warrior, the products practically scream testosterone, and the not-so-vagina-friendly ingredient list further drives that point home. It's the most absorbant part of your body, so shouldn't we be slightly conscious of the chemicals that come in contact with it? Luckily, Sustain Natural is one brand that has our backs, and is setting out to change everything about the sexual wellness category.

In creating the brand, founder and total girl boss Meika Hollender teamed up with her father Jeffrey, who is behind the Seventh Generation brand of products. It was an unconventional pairing, sure, but with Meika's business school background and sex-positive attitude combined with Jeffrey's knowledge of the natural product realm, the two were able to develop a line of condoms made from latex sourced from a sustainable rubber plantation, and lubricant free from any harmful ingredients, including fragrance, spermicide, or weird, unnecessary flavors. Those with a latex sensitivity can rest assured that Sustain's condoms won't trigger a reaction, as the protein level in the latex has been reduced, the rubber trees are grown in an Earth-friendly manner, and the employees who tend to the trees are paid a living wage. It's a win-win all around.

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Sustain has branched out from just condoms to include water-based lubricant, massage oil, post-play body wipes, and lip balm in their sexual wellness range, not to mention, organic pads and tampons. The exterior is just as important to the brand, and Sustain's gender-neutral packaging features soft colors and pleasing shapes that are far less aggresive than the uber-masculine patterns currently running rampant at drugstores nationwide.

Better yet, the brand is partnered with Planned Parenthood, and donates 10% of their pre-tax proceeds to the organization, along with other groups that put a focus on women's health. Sustain has also launched their Get On Top campaign, aimed at raising awareness at the importance of safe sex, and for every pledge made on the site, the brand donates a condom to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Suffice it to say that your sex life is about to go from good to great, for you and the rest of the world. Check out the full line of pre-play, post-play, and game time products at,, or at Target and Whole Foods outposts nationwide.