If I Could Buy Only One Thing at Sephora's Spring Sale, It Would Be This Anti-Aging Serum

It's a cult fave for good reason.

ECOMM: If I Could Buy Only One Thing At Sephora’s Spring Sale, It Would Be This Anti-Aging Serum
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Earlier this year when it was announced that the classic game show Supermarket Sweep would be getting the reboot treatment, I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube watching old clips from the show. When I was a kid, I didn't realize the point of the contestants throwing everything in the cart was to get the highest value — I thought they were just having an unlimited shopping spree. I often dreamt of being able to do the same thing at Claire's or my favorite, Limited Too.

Now, if there's one store I'd love to have a chance to zip around while throwing everything I want into my cart, it would most definitely be Sephora. But when the timer would run out, you'd probably just find me with an entire cart full of Sunday Riley's Good Genes, if I'm being honest.

Since Sephora's Spring Sale is the closest thing I'll get to my dream of a shop-til-you-drop add-to-cart-frenzy dream I've had since childhood, you can imagine I take the opportunity to stock up on my favorites at a 20 percent discount pretty seriously. This week I followed through with my wishlist, which included a Kombucha-based toner I've been dying to try and a restock of this makeup-priming sunscreen. My order also included two bottles of the aforementioned cult-fave serum, because it's hands-down my favorite skincare product of all time.

I'll admit, I was late to the game and didn't try out Good Genes until long after beauty editors and my fellow Sephora shoppers (it has more than 181,300 'loves') had given it their stamp of approval. It wasn't until I started dealing with hyperpigmentation that wouldn't seem to budge that I decided to give the serum a try. In less than one week of using it, my complexion was noticeably more even and was glowier than I ever remembered it being. An ex of mine even replied to a selfie I posted saying, "you look younger." Although this was a very backhanded compliment, I couldn't help but agree — I looked glowy, youthful, rested, and unbothered. I was hooked.

Since then, Sunday Riley's Good Genes has been a constant in my skincare routine. I slather a thin layer of the exfoliating lactic acid treatment on nightly and let it work its AHA magic while I sleep. Without fail, I wake up with skin that looks rested and brighter. It's done wonders for the fine lines around my mouth and helps keep my pores decongested, too.

While the lactic acid treatment isn't necessarily cheap, the range of benefits I get from just one product keep me coming back every time. Right now, you can take advantage of Sephora's Spring Sale and get my holy-grail serum at a discount of up to 20 percent off depending on your membership status, which you can find here, using the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout.

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment Sunday Riley

Shop now: $104 (Originally $122); sephora.com

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