Sunburn Blush Is the Controversial TikTok Makeup Trend I Am Fully Getting Behind

Here’s how to get the flushed look without the sun damage.

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Sunburnt Makeup
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No makeup product has seen the same resurgence that blush has over the last two years. It went from feeling like an afterthought to becoming, at least to TikTokers, the most important part of your makeup routine.

I was initially ambivalent about the blush obsession, but the new smooth and pigmented formulas, along with the thorough instructional videos on social media, changed my mind; blush is now the most exciting part of my makeup routine. As the weather warms up and the days become longer I have been incredibly drawn to one specific look making its rounds on TikTok: sunburn blush.

Sun protection is so important, so I won't be getting sunburned if I have anything to say about it. I wear and reapply sunscreen religiously, so the chances of me having that natural flush across my cheeks and over my nose are (hopefully) slim to none. But, I am intrigued and smitten with the look of a faux sunburn created with blush. Not only does it make me think of childhood summers spent in outdoor pools, falling asleep in the sun, and the carefree ease of vacations, but also feel like I wandered off during the Picnic at Hanging Rock.

sunburnt makeup

Wearing Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm.

The look is also so easy to recreate with either cream or powder blush, but I found the latter to be the most foolproof. Using a blush brush with a relatively smaller circumference, swipe the pigment across your face in the shape of a W. If I use a cream blush, I put a generous amount on my face so it can glide and spread across my face easier. Then, I use a face brush to mute it down in places where I may have overdone it.

The effect is a complexion that looks fresh and exuberant — like you spend your days in the Rockaways, went for a jog, or are just naturally blushing. It also looks like the currently omnipresent Instagram filters that place blush on the high cheek area.

Most blushes will do the sunburn trick, but the five below are great options. Shop them and fake the aesthetic of a sunburn without the damage.

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