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Updated Jun 13, 2016 @ 1:10 pm

Last week, someone asked me, "Are you doing any traveling this summer?"

As usual, I answered the question without putting any thought into it. "Nope! I think it's going to be a pretty chill summer for me! For once."

Until I realized that that's not the case at all. Last year I bounced around the country all summer, and it was great...until I realized that it was almost too much traveling. I know some of you will say "Oh, you can never travel too much!" 

Yes you can. 

I think my problem was that I planned poorly (shocker). I scarcely had time to unpack my bag and do my laundry before it was time to pack again. I was also always home for just a few days between trips, so it really didn't make sense to go to the grocery store and stock my fridge with food that would eventually spoil when I was gone again in a few day's time.

By the end of the summer, I just wanted to get the last trip over with. Not only did I plan poorly, I packed poorly. This is, in part, was because, you know how it is, you're trying to get so many things done so you can leave town for a few days without worrying about anything, so you save packing for the last minute. It also doesn't help that I always pack blackout drunk.

So this summer, before all the traveling begins, I wanted to nail down what beauty products I'll be taking with me. I'm putting all of my travel-friendly products in a beauty bag so I can just toss it in my bag and have one less thing to worry about when the time comes for me to throw sh– in a weekender the night before my trip when I'm hammered.

My friend Brian got me this adorable little lavender bag because he knows that there's nothing I love more than an impractically small bag in a cute color, so that will be my beauty bag this summer. 


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I tried to take it with me on a weekend trip two weeks ago, but I was, again, packing last minute, and all of my products wouldn't fit. 

But I wasn't even taking that much with me, I didn't even pack foundation! This is little baby is eight inches wide and there's no reason I shouldn't be able to fit all my products in there.

So here's what I'll be taking. 

For skincare:

bareMinerals Smart Combination Lightweight Emulsion, $35.


Part of the new line of skincare bareMinerals released at the beginning of the year, this super travel-friendly moisturizer clocks in at just 1.7 ounces and is housed in a sturdy plastic tube with a snap-on cap, ensuring it's not going to bust open and get all over everything in my bag.

The moisturizer is lightweight, hydrating, and oil-free, so your skin will feel and look great without feeling weighed down. There's a time and a place for a heavy moisturizer, but it sure as hell isn't in the summer, and especially not when I'm traveling.

Shiseido Benefiance Intensive Eye Contour Cream, $55

I've already told you why this eye cream is one of the best on the market, but what I didn't tell you is that it also makes a great highlighter.

I know you're thinking that there's no way in hell that you're going to use your luxe eye cream as a highlighter, but hear me out because you don't even need to use any more product than you already are. 

On days when I'm wearing no makeup at all, I'll tap this under my eyes and finish getting ready. In about five minutes, it has warmed up enough to my skin that I can tap my ring finger under my eye and gently rub the tiny bit of excess product onto my cheekbones for a surprisingly gleamy, not greasy, highlight. I discovered this a few months ago and I've been doing it ever since, and I haven't wasted any product. Call that a travel tip and a life hack. 

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For primer and foundation:


If your favorite primer is under 3 ounces or whatever the TSA guidelines are, then you're already golden. I'd be confident in traveling with the two or three primers I use regularly, but some of them are in glass bottles and that just won't fly (travel pun? Sorry Jane.)

Lately I've been using Maybelline Master Prime Blur & Redness Control, $9.99, because I love how it feels on my skin and I appreciate the small bit of color correction it gives me. Plus, it's in a plastic tube, so extra points for durability. My other favorite, the Hangover Primer from Too Faced, $32, would probably be a great option, but I feel like the cap always comes off when I take it with me and I don't want to risk the hazards of an exposed pump.

Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Stick Foundation, $43.

I was going to use another foundation that I love and is perfect for travel until I realized that it only came in a handful of shades, all for white people, so we're back to my favorite. 

I've talked this stick foundation before, but I don't even mind going back to it so soon because it's the only foundation I've been using for months.

I'll keep it short, but whether you want just a bit of coverage or a full face, this can be sheered out or built up until you're happy with it. I always wear a little more under my eyes to cover my dark circles, and on and around my nose to knock out redness. I set with a powder and I'm good to go. An hour later, after everything has warmed up to my face and sort of melted together, my skin looks incredible.

I know stick foundations are known for heavy coverage, but this is perfect for however you want your foundation on any given day, even in the hottest summer months. 

To apply and set:


Leave those brushes on your sink, just travel with a Beauty Blender, or your favorite sponge. You can apply everything with it so there's no sense in packing a different tool for each product. 

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Airbrush Silk Pressed Finishing Powder, $29.

I used to be a loose powder girl, because my middle name is overkill. I started using pressed powders a few months back and realized that they're probably more suited for the way I do my makeup. 

Wanna know a secret? I've tried a lot of the setting and finishing powders that all of my beauty friends use, even the one or two that are most popular, and I always come back to the one from IT Cosmetics. I can't even really pinpoint why, other than I just know it works best for me, and looks best on me. What do you use? Tell me in the comments. 

Brows, bronzer, and contour:


MAC Eye Brows, $16.50

Look, every time anyone releases new brow products, they send them to me, so I've tried...a lot. And a lot of them are great! But no matter if they're pomades, gels, crayons, markers, these are what I always go back to. 

I love that they're thin, retractable, the product itself is smooth and leaves the perfect trail of color behind, they're blendable. I know they're a pretty simple product but they're my absolute favorite.

Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio, $45.

I really love these. I still don't contour all that often, except when I feel the need to minimize this gigantic forehead, and even when I use bronzer, I do so sparingly. 

If I need to put any warmth or structure back into my face while traveling, these are the perfect products to use, and they take up next to no room in my little travel back.

For a highlight:


Haloscope by Glossier, $22


The only thing you need to know about me is that I live for a highlighter. 

Glossier has always been about great products and minimal makeup to showcase your skin's natural glow. They're amping that up a notch with these two new highlighters that launched mere hours ago and I couldn't be more excited.

The outer halo is infused with genuine crystal extracts (Spencer Pratt vibes) for a gorgeous glow, and the inner core is packed with vitamins to moisturize skin and keep it looking dewy.

Gorgeous, right? They're surprisingly metallic on the tube, but when applied, they hit you with a subtle, natural, healthy looking sheen. 


I like my highlight crazy, but I know the average person isn't looking to glow quite as much as I am. It's easy to get a pretty, dewy look, but hard to take it completely off the rails. Apply directly to the face and soften the edges, or tap your finger to the tube then onto your cheekbones. Do it however you want it.

Haloscope is available in Quartz, a rosé, and Topaz, a warm gold. 


I feel like these were made just for me. 

Cheek and lip color:

The Professional Blush Makeup Palette by OFRA Cosmetics, $79


For blush, I'm taking the OFRA Cosmetics blush palette that I just told you about. The palette won't actually fit into my little beauty bag, but it's the size of a paperback and super convenient, so I'm willing to make an exception. 

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For lips, I hate to say it, but I think I'm just gonna stick with a tinted lip balm, most of the time, anyway. I'm not really intending to serve it up too hard on any of these trips, and sometimes, moisturized lips give you a natural flush that's all you need. I'll probably take one or two of my favorite liquid lipsticks just in case, but Glossier's Cherry Balm Dotcom is a lightly tinted and scented version of my ride or die lip balm, so that will be on me at all times.


What do you travel with? Where are you going this summer? Let's chat in the comments.