By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 12:00 pm
Bachelor Cosmetic Brushes
Credit: storybookcosmetics/Instagram

Ladies, there is way more than one rose left. Actually, they’re rose-shaped makeup brushes, which is way better than being handed a thorny rose to begin with, right? Storybook Cosmetics famously created a set of makeup brushes that look like the actual flower, and now that the restock is finally here, we had a huge revelation.

While the What's In a Name Rose Makeup Brushes might have been inspired by fairytales like Beauty and the Beast, they’re also kind of a match made in heaven for the ultimate Bachelor or Bachelorette fan.

And if you’re anxiously awaiting the finale of the Bachelorette, why not prep for your viewing party with tools that’ll get you in the spirit of L-O-V-E.

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The set includes four rose brushes that are made with red synthetic bristles and a metal metallic green handle that looks like an actual rose stem, and they can be used with liquid or powder formulas.

The collection will cost you $55, but clearly that price-tag comes with countless Instagram opportunities.