Credit: storybookcosmetics/Instagram

Though we can't really imagine Hermione Granger having much of a makeup stash—she was always more into her books than beauty products—the Storybook Cosmetics line of wizard-inspired products would look right at home among the butterfly clips and spell books of her roommates. The pop culture-inspired brand quickly went viral after their magic wand makeup brushes (above) made the rounds on Instagram, and with the upcoming launch of their Wizardry and Witchcraft Shadow Palette, and the Quill and Ink eyeliner duo, we only expect their popularity to grow. "The fan response has been absolutely incredible. We had a hunch that people would like the concept of marrying stories and cosmetics, but the viral reaction was completely unexpected," says Erin Maynard, who co-founded the brand with her sisters Mandy and Missy. "For a long time, my sisters and I talked about the need for a cosmetics company to tap into the exploding 'geek culture' and finally one day, we decided to be the ones to do it."

The trio began with their magic wand brushes, and the line quickly evolved to include tools shaped like roses, and arrows. After bouncing ideas off of each other, Mandy Maynard will sketch the products, Erin works with the manufacturer, while Missy works with the lab to create the perfect cosmetic formula. The Halliwell sisters from Charmed were right—the power of three runs crazy strong.

Though the Storybook Cosmetics fans tend to freak out over anything witch or wizard-themed, the sisters get inspired by a mix of crowd-sourced requests, and anything they themselves are fans of. "My personal favorite show is Game of Thrones, but really, as lifelong fan girls, there are hundreds of stories we'd be honored to create for," Erin tells us. The brand has officially acquired licensing for The Hunger Games and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with even more to come in the future. Judging by their current lineup, we're expecting to see products worthy of Effie Trinket's vanity, with trippy visuals that would do Mr. Wonka proud. Though the brand's rose stem makeup brushes could be taken as a nod to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, make no mistake, the sisters are much more partial to the blonde triplets vying for Gaston's attention early in the plot. "You know, for obvious reasons," Maynard adds.