Meet my holy-grail red lipstick.

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Red Matte Lipstick
Credit: Nordstrom

No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch on repeat, I’ve never quite been able to achieve the coveted cut crease eyeshadow look my makeup-inclined friends can do with ease. (I also finally got contouring down as soon as strobing became a thing, but that’s for another time.) Thankfully, there’s one tried and true makeup staple I added to my routine years ago that’s never failed me: a classic red matte lip. No matter what color my hair has been — platinum blonde, silver, black, purple, or blue — a bold red lip has always been my best ally in my I-got-ready-in-ten-minutes-but-you’d-never-know approach to makeup.

By taking a quick stroll through memory lane, I was able to compile a list of more than 15 matte formulas I’ve tried throughout the years, ranging from designer formulas to drugstore steals. The one that stole my heart? Stila’s Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick, in all its true cherry-red glory.

As is the case with most coveted lipsticks, I found Stila’s cultish Stay All Day formula by stopping a stranger who had on a perfect crisp red shade of lipstick to ask what they were wearing. I immediately ran out to get a tube of my own, and the rest is history.

I’ll start by saying when Stila called this lipstick Stay All Day, it wasn’t just hype. It’s my go-to for withstanding what would usually be the arch nemesis of a matte lip: balsamic vinegar on a salad, greasy pizza, and coffee with a sip lid (to name just a few challenges it’s stood up to time and time again). I’ve even worn this lipstick on more than a few Chipotle burrito runs (judge if you must) and am always amazed at how well it holds up. And with holiday party season just around the corner, you can bet this lipstick will be my weapon of choice for snacking on hors d'oeuvres and sipping champagne sans worries of smudging or looking a hot mess in any tagged photos. We all need a lipstick like that in our corner, folks.

What’s more, the subtle shimmer finish in my tube of choice adds just enough shine that works for both the office or nights out — which is just the kind of versatility I admire in a makeup product. And thanks to its nourishing formula that includes vitamin E and avocado oil, my lips stay hydrated throughout the day and I never have to deal with the dryness that many other matte lipsticks would cause by mid-afternoon (especially in the chillier months).

Take it from someone who’s probably spent the equivalent of a month’s rent on red matte lipstick over the years: This is the one shimmery formula you need in your makeup bag now.

Stila Stay All Day Shimmer Liquid Lipstick
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