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Putty Highlighter
Credit: stilacosmetics/Instagram

You know those crazy-satisfying ASMR videos you can watch for hours on end? There's just something that feels good about watching someone smash lipsticks or cut into kinetic sand, and somehow, Stila has managed to evoke that emotion in the form of their moldable, squishable Heaven's Hue Highlighter, which has been dubbed "putty highlighter" by the masses.

Let the GIF showing the product in action below serve as a testiment to its satisfying qualities, though bear in mind that the effect is much more gratifying IRL. The color payoff when swept onto your cheekbones isn't too shabby, either.

Putty Highlighter Gif

So named for its putty-like texture, the term was coined by beauty blogger Laura Lee in a video reviewing each of the colors. "I've never felt anything exactly like it—it kind of just feels like putty," she says as she digs her finger into the pan of the pale pink Transcendence color. "It's kind of satisfying just playing with it."

VIDEO: How to Use Highlighter

Just like the Silly Putty and Gak formulations of your childhood years, Stila's highlighters can be moved and squished around the compact, but are easy to mold back into their original shape. Though many opt to apply the formulas with a brush, they also work well dabbed on with your finger, that is, if you can ever stop playing with the stuff. See what the hype is about and pick up the highlighter, priced at $32 per color at sephora.com.