I’ve been using it for two years and strongly suggest stocking up.

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Stila One Step Correct Prime Day 2019
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Outside of watching celeb MUAs like Hung Vanngo work their magic on Instagram, I’m really not much of a makeup person. So when, two summers ago, a friend gifted me a brand-new foundation and primer from Stila, I was, predictably, confused. I knew what foundation was all about — though I seldom used it — but primer? Primer? That was a corner of the beauty world I had no desire to infiltrate, one full of people who actually know what they’re doing.

Two years later, Stila’s One Step, Illuminate Facial Serum (see: the primer in question) practically become a staple in my morning routine. I don’t use it as a base for foundation — in fact, it usually goes on top of my regular SPF moisturizer. What I love about this primer is its capacity to even out my skin tone, creating a subtle rendition of that sought-after blur effect, while giving my face a pearlescent glow that’s almost ethereal. Beyond preaching the perks of this multi-purpose product, I’m here to urge you all to shop it while it’s still 30 percent off as part of Amazon Prime Day 2019.

After receiving the serum, I gradually learned that priming my skin could actually be a worthwhile standalone process. When I applied it for the first time, I was pleasantly confused by its shimmer; the only primers I’d ever known were translucent, sticky liquids that went on clear. Stila’s Illuminate iteration, on the other hand, was functioning as both a primer and a highlighter. I’m always game for a good two-in-one product, so I was thrilled that the serum left my skin hydrated, with fewer dark spots and a sparkle that emphasized what would quickly become my favorite facial feature, my super-round cheeks.

Not convinced? Lucky for you, Amazon shoppers are with me on this one. “This is the ONLY primer I have ever liked,” wrote reviewer Alanna Frost. “Tried so many and always come back to this. Hydrating, smoothing, even skin tone with light diffusers without looking 'shiny' great summer addition to the grab and go makeup bag.”

With Prime Day ending in less than seven hours, you don’t have much time, so jump on the Stila One Step, Illuminate deal while you can. I promise: The next-level, lit-from-within look you’ll achieve is well worth the $25 spent.

Stila One Step Correct
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To buy: $25.20 (was $36); amazon.com