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Static Nails Nordstrom
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With nail salons closed for business, even the most loyal nail devotees are adjusting to life without their beloved appendages. Sure, swapping your set of gel extensions for a top notch home manicure is one way to dull the pain of a piece of your identity missing, but what if we told you there’s another way to get the cathartic sound of long nails typing on your laptop keyboard back? Spoiler: It’s press-on nails.

While press-on nails may bring to mind the basic French-manicure sets you picked up from the drugstore for your middle-school dance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much the DIY kits have evolved. One of the biggest names behind this trend is Static Nails, an inventive nail brand that’s available at Nordstrom.

To make an at-home manicure easier than ever, Static Nails kits come with 24 reusable nails with 12 size options for each hand so you can get the perfect fit. (ICYMI, InStyle Beauty Editor Erin Lukas did a deep dive on how to make press-on nails look natural, which includes how to correctly size each nail.)

Unlike drugstore nail kits of decades past, Static Nails are meant to be worn time and time again. They can also be reshaped and painted over so you can switch up your look when boredom inevitably sets in, making them the perfect creative outlet as you continue to spend time indoors.

Along with the variety of nail sizes, the kit includes Static Nails Non-Damaging Nail Glue, a file, a buffer, and a storage tray to keep your claws safe between wears. If you’re ready to reunite with your long nails, you can head to Nordstrom to shop this cherry-red matte set that’s sure to give your week the self-care pick-me-up it needs.

Static Nails Thorns Rose Matte Pop-On Reusable Manicure Set
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Shop now: $16; nordstrom.com