Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Heidi Klum - Hair
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Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow

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Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - YSL - Lipstick
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News flash: Slowing the clock doesn't have to take over your life. We've got a slew of simple, expert tweaks that will surely make a difference.

Switch to a Sheer Lipstick
Dark, opaque lipsticks feather into cracks and crevices. So go sheer and lighter, and anchor it with a pencil base. "Older women look younger in a lighter, more emollient formula," says makeup artist Sandy Linter. "And they benefit from the strength of the pencil underneath."

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Lay Off the Tweezers

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Jennifer Connelly - Eyebrows
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Like the hair on our heads, our eyebrows gradually get thinner, so dial back on the pruning. "Brows should always be groomed," says makeup artist Linday Hay, "but overplucking is aging because it gives you a hard look. It has a sharpening effect." Take a cue from Jennifer Connelly—she's got "perfectly lush brows" down pat.

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Lighten up on Concealer

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Concealer - Chanel
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You might have more to hide these days, but piling on cover-up isn't the way to do it. "The skin under the eye is going to be either baggy or wrinkled and concealer is just going to show up more," Linter says. The fix? Use liquid foundation wherever you'd typically place concealer, including the inner corner of the eye. Reserve cover-up for only the most stubborn spots, and pick one that's just a touch lighter than your foundation.

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Blush with Precision

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Sarah Jessica Parker - Blush

There's an upside to losing facial volume as we age: our cheekbones become more defined. To softly emphasize your bone structure, Linter suggests shifting blush from the apple to the top of the cheek. For more sizzle, dab on bronzer just below the bone.

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Feel Rich

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Clarins - Skin Cream
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Over time we lose collagen and firmness in our bodies, so opt for creams loaded with skin-plumping ingredients. We're fans of this Clarins brew because it's chock-full of healthy botanicals, not sketchy parabens.

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Restore Your Glow

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Tarte - Oil
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As we age, skin gets drier and loses some of its natural luminescence," says Hay, who recommends patting a few drops of lightweight oil onto the tops of your cheekbones to bring back brightness. One word of caution: Make sure the oil is light, otherwise you may trigger another signpost of youth: pimples.

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Put It on Ice

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Ice
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Munching on salted pretzels before bed? You may wake up with swollen eyes. Our favorite early a.m. fix: cubes made from chamomile or green tea wrapped in paper towels. "The icy mix of antioxidants will send your bags on a first-class trip out of sight," says Cerina Silvestro of La Prairie at the Ritz-Carlton Spa in New York.

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Snack on Gummi Bears

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Borba - Wrinkles
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The souped-up beauty version of these chewy treats is laced with wrinkle-fighting antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, as well as B12, which help fight the effects of stress.

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Pop Some Viviscal

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Viviscal - Hair
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This strand-boosting supplement's proprietary "marine protein extract" has made it the go-to secret weapon of stars like Reese Witherspoon for shinier, thicker locks. "It's fierce," says stylist Danilo. After seeing the transformation in his clients, he became a believer. "I was like, 'Your hair looks fantastic. What have you been doing? Did you quit smoking? Change your diet?' They all said it was Viviscal." (And no, he doesn't get paid to say that.)

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Add Volume and Moisture

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Kérastase - Hair
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It's the catch-22 of dry, thinning hair: You want something that volumizes, but most of those products are even more drying (and your hair is frizzy enough!). The solution? Switch to a conditioner formulated for mature hair, such as Kerastase's. It imparts body but without the weight of a heavy hydrator.

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If You're Blond, Go Warmer

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Claudia Schiffer - Hair
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And consider lowlights rather than highlights. That old rule about going lighter and brighter as you age? Forget it. "Skin loses pigment with time, so bright and ashy blond shades can read 'old,'" says colorist Kelly Van Gogh. She recommends adding "a little depth and warmth" with golden tones and lowlights. A bolder choice: red. "Women shy away from it, but if you choose the right shade, it can be beautiful on almost anyone," says Van Gogh. "Red is vibrant, which translated into a youthful appeal."

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Wear a Sleep Mask

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Sleep mask - Wellness
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Unless you live in a cave in the wilderness, your bedroom probably gets too much light, either streaming in from street lamps or shooting out from the digital clock on your nightstand. Those tiny flashes of light rob us of deep REM sleep and block the production of melatonin, a key sleep-regulating, stay-healthy hormone. Cover your eyes.

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Wean Yourself off Sugar

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Sugar - Wellness
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Virtually every wellness guru on the planet puts sugar at or near the top their no-no's list. "The best thing you can do to look younger is to stop ingesting it—or at least cut down radically," says integrative doctor Frank Lipman, a favorite of Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kyra Sedgwick. Why? Well, sugar, in all its forms, triggers the formation of AGEs (advanced glycation end products), which are believed to cause fine lines and wrinkles, Lipman says.

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Eat Your Water

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Wellness - Watermelon
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Chug a lot of H20? Great. But for even better hydration, consider hitting the produce aisle. "Raw fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients, and they're mostly water," says dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. "When consumed via food, water releases more gradually and penetrates the cells better. Fruits and veggies also make your body more alkaline, "which is good for your skin.

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Use a Tennis Ball to Massage Feet

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow
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There's nothing youthful about a hunchback. A self-administered foot rub improves posture and alignment, which can help prevent osteoporosis. It also releases the pressure built up by jamming your tootsies into tight shoes. "It's a fantastic way to look and feel better," says Lipman, "and it's really simple." HOW TO ROLL: Stand on a mat or carpet with a tennis ball under the ball of your foot. Gently press your body weight into the ball. Slowly open and close the foot over it, flaring your toes and then squeezing them like a fist. Do five times in one area, then move to the next, until you've "rolled" the entire foot. Switch foot and repeat.

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Go for Clean Lines & Crisp Styles

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Fashion
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"Midlife ladies cannot go wrong in crisp fabrics and clean, graphic silhouettes," says Kendall Farr, author of Style Evolution: How to Create Ageless Personal Style in Your 40s and Beyond. The softer our bodies become—and yes, even if you're fit it happens—the more structure your wardrobe should provide. Clothes shouldn't droop. So skip the cowl-necks and shapeless dresses.

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Pile on the Sparkly Jewels

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Jewelry
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Dressing age-appropriately doesn't mean you need to skip trends altogether; costume baubles are a great way to ride the fashion wave. "Go wild with your jewelry and make it really stand out," advises How Not to Look Old author Charla Krupp. The shiny gems not only look modern, they cast a flattering glow on your face.

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Brighten Up

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Halle Berry
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It may be a wardrobe staple, but black can be a radiance zapper. So go for brights. "Gorgeous color is everywhere now," says Farr. "It's a perfect time to try something new."

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Hike your Bosom Heavenward

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Bras
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Intimacy founder Susan Nethero (aka the Bra Whisperer) thinks it's "tragic" that women stick to the same bra size year after year, regardless of how their bodies are changing. "Loss of firmness is the No. 1 problem associated with breasts as they age," she says. "But the right bra can definitely help with that." Be sure to get a fitting to determine your right-this-very-minute size.

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Layer and Slice

Start Today, Look Younger Tomorrow - Heidi Klum - Hair
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Blunt cuts get an almost universal thumbs-down from stylists for women over 40, and standard choppy layers don't fare much better. So what looks good? Fine "microlayers" carved into hair. "Slicing crates softness and movement–and that can look extremely elegant," says N.Y.C. salon owner Ouidad. "It's playful and young."

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