Shoppers Call These the "Most Effective Pore Strips," and I Agree

They’re easy to use and just $6.

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Lift Off Pore Strips
Photo: Courtesy of Starface

As a beauty writer, I'm familiar with the many pore strips options available. There's a strip for nearly every budget and skin concern, and while I've had some pore strip success in the past, it's the Lift Off pore strips from Starface that have renewed my interest. I thought I knew what was lurking in my pores, but the first time I removed a Lift Off strip from my nose, I was astonished and a little grossed out.

Placed directly across the nose, pore strips are a dermatologist-approved option for removing blackheads and cleansing clogged pores. One of TikTok's favorite skincare products, pore strips are generally tolerated by most all skin types and used to cleanse the skin of excess dirt and oil.

Unlike pore strips I've used in the past, the Starface strips remained gripped to the skin for the duration of my wear. Upon removal, I could also see the remains of what once lurked in my pores. I had previously walked away disappointed by other pore strips, as I was unsure whether they were working, especially when there was so little dirt to be found on the strip.

starface pore strips

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It's hard not to enjoy a skincare experience that includes wearing a strip adorned with smiley faces, and with the addition of witch hazel and aloe vera extract, Lift Off also prevents any post-removal irritation. "These are the only effective pore strips I have ever used," a reviewer wrote. "They work so well without drying out or damaging my sensitive skin."

As someone with sensitive skin, I too can confirm I was able to safely use the strips. There was no redness left behind and my skin did not dry or flake. The only side effect I experienced was complete amazement, as the strip pulled out a bunch of stuff that once clogged my pores.

"These pore strips did a wonderful job. Really cleaned everything out without the stress of yanking it off and [it] hurting. I saw zero irritation after [there were] just a lot of empty nose pores. Wish I could use it on my whole face," one shopper shared.

Find what's lurking in your pores and grab a box of Lift Off Pore Strips for $6 on Starface.

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