Starburst Hair Color Is a Thing, and It Is Glorious

Photo: Starburst/Twitter

Another day, another creative hair color trend to take Instagram by storm. The muse behind the latest is the best inspiration of them all: Starburst candies. Minnesota-based hair colorist Kayla Boyer has taken the fruit-flavored squares we consume by the roll and translated them into hair color form.

The end result is actually pretty sweet—pun completely intended.

Though the pink candy reigns supreme in our eyes, Boyer gave each shade pretty equal amounts of love. She concentrated our fave around the crown area, and allowed the hue to fade into orange, red, or yellow toward the tips. The Starburst inspiration is definitely apparent, even without the Minis on display for reference.

VIDEO: Meet Your New Candy Crush: Limited-Edition All-Pink Starbursts

"For this creation, I lightened her with Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener with 20 vol, and overlayed with Pravana Vivids in neon pink," Boyer explains in her Instagram caption. "I locked in pink at the base, and melted in neon orange and orange, yellow and neon yellow through the ends." We imagine it will take some upkeep, as most creative color trends do, but the gorgeous sunset effect is totally worth it.

If you decide to go for a similar effect, make sure to use products free of sulfates that are safe for color-treated hair, and use a color-depositing conditioner to refresh your tone each time you lather up.

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