St. Tropez's Celeb-Favorite Tanning Mousse Is Backed by 6,300+ Amazon Ratings, and It's on Sale for Prime Day

Shoppers have proven this one stays on your skin, not your sheets.

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St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse
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The golden rule of skincare? SPF all day, every day, no exceptions. But even though sunscreen is a must, some of us can't help but crave a golden tan. That being said, spending hours lying out in the sun or frequenting the tanning bed (big no-no) are fortunately not needed. According to supermodels Christie Brinkley and Ashley Graham — as well as more than 6,300 Amazon reviewers — there is a self-tanning mousse that requires zero UV rays and nothing more than you, your bathroom, and a tanning mitt.

St. Tropez is known for its line of faux bronzing products, but its Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse in particular is a hit with celebrities, supermodels, and shoppers. While those alone are hefty enough credentials to make the purchase worth it, Amazon decided to treat its members to a little Prime Day deal featuring the mousse (so make sure you have a Prime account before purchasing). Rather than its original price of $42, you can grab a bottle or two for only $28.

bronzing mousse

Shop now: $28 (Originally $42),

You may be used to self-tanners coming out of the bottle looking orange — leading to you waking up looking like a Cheeto. Such is not the case with this bronzing foam — in fact, its color is nearly the opposite.

"The product comes out a green/brown tint and is a foamy/liquid consistency, which can be off-putting initially," explained one reviewer. "But don't be scared!! It will look amazing. It goes on super easily and evenly."

Those well-versed in the world of self-tanning may also be apprehensive about streaks, sweat, and stains. All may be well and good right after you apply it, but waking up on a bed of once-white-but-now-orange sheets and stripes running down your legs is nothing short of a nightmare. Fortunately, as many reviewers emphasized, that's not an issue with St. Tropez's mousse.

"NO streaks, NO orange color, NO weird odor, NO stains left on clothes or sheets!" wrote one shopper. "Let me tell you, I sweat. Idk why, but I do, especially in my sleep, and there are no white spots or any flaws on my tan after sleeping (and sweating) last night!" Another reviewer added that they "bravely put on white underwear with the color guard still on and had no transfer or staining," so your white pajamas and sheets don't have to go into hiding.

It's time to ditch those long-held beliefs about self-tanners (and maybe that expired bottle of it under your sink) and grab St. Tropez's tanning mousse while it's 30 percent off before Prime Day ends. Oh, and as always, make sure to moisturize, exfoliate, use a mitt, and wear sunscreen. Your dermatologist would seriously be so proud.

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