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Bad news for those who still adhere to the acrylic French manicure—that nail shape is no longer among the most-popular list. In lieu of the now-dated square nail, pro manicurist Angel Williams, who works with Jessica Chastain, tells us that the oval, round, and almond silhouettes are the ones her clients have been requesting. "The square nail shape is definitely one that comes and goes,but it's taking a backseat to the current trend, which is bringing a subtle look back to the shape," she explains. "Right now, we're using our color choices and subtle nail art to give off the impressions we want, but we pair the look with a shape that complements our fingers and the overall look of the hand." So in other words, your natural shape, albeit a bit rounded at the sides, or pointed at the tip.

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The one to the square nail exception is if you're wearing your talons short and natural, which works well if you have a narrow nail bed—and for Williams personally, as it complements her job and lifestyle, you know, being a big deal celebrity manicurist and all. Just be sure to keep them from getting too lengthy to avoid giving off that early '00s senior prom vibe. Otherwise, opt to go rounded if you want to keep your nails short, or for an almond and oval forms if you prefer to go longer. "Rounded or oval nails complement the natural shape and gives the finger a longer appearance, so it's very lifestyle-friendly," she adds. "Almond nails make the fingers look long and lean. Both shapes give off a chic feeling, since they've been around for a few decades."