Sunscreen Mists Are the Hassle-Free Way to Reapply SPF Over Makeup — Here Are 4 I Swear by

These refreshing mists make it so easy to reapply throughout the day.

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4 Hassle-Free Face Sunscreen Mists I’ll Be Using All Summer to Reapply SPF Over My Makeup
Photo: Habit/ Amazon/ Soleil Tourjours

I am a broken record but remembering to apply (and constantly reapply) sunscreen is the secret to youth —I am only slightly exaggerating. Sun damage creates some of the most visible signs of aging and obviously, puts you at risk for melanoma. That first layer of sunscreen is personally a no-brainer but reapplication is the bane of my existence. The only solution that helps me remain diligent in my sunscreen practices is using an SPF mist.

There are a few reasons I find putting sunscreen on continuously a hassle. The first is simply the act of having to smear it on with my hands. When I am on the subway, at the beach, or on a walk, I don't always have sanitizer or hand soap nearby and I do not want to just rub germs all over my face. The second issue is that I like to wear makeup, and trying to put a lotion on top of it will make me look like a cat drowning in a pool.

I have thereby amassed a wardrobe of face sunscreens that come in mist or spray form — some of which are Sun Bum's SPF 45 Face Mist, Soleil Toujours' SPF 30 Micro Mist, Shiseido's SPF 50 Face/Body Spray, and the wildly TikTok-viral Habit SPF Mister.

Because sunscreen is so important both for your health and appearance, I spoke to Dr. Dendy Engelman, MD board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, to make sure it's actually effective and safe. She advised that your first application should always be a sunscreen lotion, "as it can be tricky to make sure that you're getting enough coverage." But after that, she said spray-on sunscreens work for reapplication with the proper technique: "Hold the nozzle close to your skin and spray, covering every area thoroughly." You should be dispensing enough through the spray that it ultimately amounts to a quarter-size for the face.

To use these hassle-free spray sunscreens, follow the dermatologist-approved technique and remember the golden rule of reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours. Below, read about my four go-to picks.

Sun Bum Face Mist SPF 45

Sun Bum Face Mist SPF 45

Shop now: $15 (Originally $16);

This is the most economic option, so I own about three bottles at any given time. I try to remember to keep one in my work bag, one in my tote, and one on the counter to grab and go when needed. It's incredibly light and a good amount comes out of the spray nozzle. It also smells like bananas, which is quite pleasant.

Soleil Toujours Clean Conscious Set + Protect Micro Mist SPF 30


Shop now: $38;

Coverage-wise, I would have to say that Soleil Toujours takes the cake. It's a micro-mist, so the sunscreen comes out, packing a lot of product within a small radius. It also sets makeup and is so incredibly gentle and soothing on my sensitive skin thanks to cucumber extract and aloe.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face/Body

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ For Face/Body

Shop now: $40;

I use Shiseido's mist with caution when I'm in a pinch; the fact that it is multi-use for the face and body makes me somewhat nervous, but I haven't had any adverse reactions. This is great though for when I'm packing light or trying to fit my entire summer routine into a carry-on while traveling.

Habit N°41 Mister

Habit N°41 MISTER

Shop now: $30;

Habit's SPF mists come in SPF 38 and SPF 41 options. The latter became a TikTok darling right out the gate, selling out completely within the first year of its launch and racking up a 2,000-person waitlist along with millions of TikTok views. It's worth the hype because it feels like a regular moisturizing spray you'd use for a refresh throughout the day. There is no gloopiness or chalky cast, and it provides sun protection without feeling like you're wearing sunscreen.

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