This Techy Smart Mirror Could Put Your Vanity Set to Shame

Techy Mirror - Lead
Photo: Getty

Here's a scenario you've probably dealt with more than a handful of times!

You've spent a half hour carefully applying your makeup—in your bathroom or at your bedroom vanity—and everything looks perfect. Only, when you step outside into the sunlit world, you realize you got a little carried away with your blush, your foundation isn't blended, and you probably went a little too far with your contour.

Girlfriend, you are not alone. In fact, that scenario is so #allofus that someone developed a cosmetic mirror that simulates natural light as a way to circumvent the issue entirely. It's called The Juno, and though it's technically in the Kickstarter phase, it's only a matter of time before you can get your hands on one.

The mirror comes with three different settings: sunlight, daylight, and evening.

Depending on the time of day and where you're headed, you can select the setting that best fits your needs and then start applying your makeup per usual. It also has a 5x magnification, is cordless and rechargable, and comes with a handy storage tray because who doesn't need more storage?

Testing this one seems like an actual life necessity, right?

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