Britain's Fastest-Selling Beauty Brand Has Landed Stateside

Photo: Time Inc Digital Studio (2); Courtesy (3)

The British are coming—for your makeup bag, that is.

If you haven't heard of Sleek Cosmetics, you may want to get acquainted with them real fast. They're easily the fastest-selling makeup brand in the U.K. and they've just landed stateside. We expect you'll be seeing a lot of the brand in the coming months. Known for their high-performance formulas combined with a wallet-friendly sticker price, Sleek's Highlighting Palette is one of the hero products of the catalog, and the varied textures within each of the four pans create an effect that many users have likened to wet glass. Every time a YouTuber features a Sleek product in their tutorial, an angel (probably) gets its wings, and the rest of us end up wondering how we can actually obtain the shadow, blush, and highlighting palettes that continued to go viral. Sure, there was the brand's official website, but international shipping was invonvenient, considering that the most expensive item in the range is priced at $16. As people demonstrating a product in an infomercial would cry out, there had to be a better way.

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That cry for help was answered in the forms of Ulta and Walgreens.

Right now, a handful of products are available at, but over the next few months, the brand will be rolling out 152 products in total. Come July, Walgreens stores will stock the line, and they'll land in physical Ulta stores nationwide in August. We're expecting that our makeup bags will stay happily stocked to the point that we'll look like we're hoarding the brand.

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