It's glow in the dark, you guys. 

By Tamim Alnuweiri
Updated Jul 15, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Zayn Malik
Credit: Kevin Tachman/Getty

Zayn Mailk getting a new tattoo doesn’t seem like it would be breaking news. If you know anything about Zayn (or even just seen a pic of him), you already know he has a think for ink. His new album cover features him as a tiny little toddler with tats all over his arms, after all. So why is Zayn’s latest addition so news-worthy? Well, friends, if you’re a Star Wars fanatic, you’ll probably dig it.

It’s of what appears to be a lightsaber, hence the Star Wars hashtag in the pic, and it's also glow in the dark. Yes, like an actual lightsaber. The new tattoo is a UV tattoo, which means that it glows in the dark when exposed to UV light. However, the safety of these tattoos has yet to be confirmed by the FDA.

Tattoo artist Jon Boy shared a photo on his Instagram of Zayn with Anwar Hadid (yes, as in Gigi's brother) and male model Luca Sabbat chillin' at his shop. And now for the part you're waiting for, he also shared a picture of Zayn's newest tattoo.

Jon Boy is responsible for pretty much all of your favorite celebrity tattoos (like Hailey Baldwin's praying hand tattoos, a lot of Justin Bieber's ink work, and like every other celebrities ink work, too). Think we'll see Gigi getting inked anytime soon?